Goldmaking in 8.3 – World of Goldcraft 67

In this episode I talk about what happened over the 8.3 launch and my plans for goldmaking in retail!

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6 thoughts on “Goldmaking in 8.3 – World of Goldcraft 67

  1. Hey Lazy. I am finding that TSM is not working properly with your Pastebin scripts because of the updated auction house…. I think. It is austo completing all scans with no returns because I think stack sizes are no longer a listed option in TSM or the AH. So when I load your scripts it says 10 stacks of 0 with no option to change the stack size to 1 or something larger…..

    Is there a way to fix this or is TSM pretty obsolete with the new AH update?

    1. I didnt think about the fact that the ones I have published have to be updated, will roll them out tomorrow.

      1. I think i might have been doing something wrong so you might not have to repost anything. I am just unsure if the new AH is throwing things off since stack size is no longer a thing

        1. It’s probably on my end. The tailoring group is the only one that has been exported from the latest version of TSM, so I’ll export the rest of them tonight when I get to my WoW computer.

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