BfA Goldmaking: Making gold with tailoring in 8.3

With 8.3 out it’s time to take a deeper look at the new recipes and the opportunities we have to make gold. So far I have had great success with the combatant gear, and I expect the new Uncanny gear to do just as well. 

A look at the new tailoring recipes

In 8.3 the only tradeable recipes that tailors got are for the new Uncanny Combatant gear. Tailors get access to the 5 non-azerite armor slots as well as being the only ones that can craft cloaks. The items are item level 400 and they have one of several possible random enchantments with secondary stats. 

The recipes have 3 ranks with decreasing material costs, with the most important one being the decrease in expulsom cost as this is by far the most time consuming part of the process. 

Similar pieces have done extremely well for me in earlier patches and I have already seen players getting some really large sales, so let’s take a look at them. 

Getting the recipes

The rank 1 version of the recipes are all obtained from your profession trainer right in your factions capital city. You need skill level 170, which is fairly reasonable to get. The higher rank recipes are sold by the new profession liason found by the PvP vendors. As with the previous patches the rank 2 recipes will cost you 2 marks of honor and the rank 3 recipes will cost you 4 marks of honor. 

This time around the higher rank recipes are significantly more attractive compared to the last patch as the expulsom costs have been increased across the board. For everything except bracers the expulsom cost has been increased by two, which is huge. This is somewhere around 40-50 seconds extra crafting time per piece in terms of expulsom crafting. 

Stocking the items

I prefer stocking up to at least 5 of each base item. You get a nice spread of various suffixes. If you have the capital going up to 10 of each base item is quite good. If you have full rank 3s compared to rank 1 you will save 45 minutes of crafting when crafting 10 of each. Never has the rank 3 grind been more attractive in terms of time investment than this time around. Of course you can do some AFK crafting, particularly when crafting all the tidespray bracers, but getting the higher ranks will save a lot of time.

The recipes require deep sea satin and gilded seaweave in addition to the expulsom, so be prepared do dump a lot of gold into these items. You will also of course need a huge amount of tidespray linen for the bracer shuffle. 


To get the expulsom needed you will have to do your own scrapping. By crafting the Tidespray Linen bracers en masse and scrapping them you will get one expulsom per 6 bracers on average. You get the recipe at level 1 Zandalari crafting so you can use a level 110 character to craft the tailoring bracers if you do not have tailoring. Expulsom is time consuming to craft, but at least you have everything you need on your tailor. You can just craft tidespray linen bracers and scrap them immediately. You will need a LOT of expulsom.

I strongly suggest getting a scrapping addon to speed up the process. I use Scrap Master which was made by BilisOnyxia of Sniper string fame.

Valuing your expulsom

If you have not set a value for your expulsom in TSM you will have to do so for my TSM settings to work as they heavily rely on the crafting source. To do so you head to the crafting reports window by typing /tsm crafting.Go to materials and search for expulsom. I use a custom price called expulsom, but you can just paste the string below straight in. It will use the lowest crafting cost of the tailoring bracers or either of the leatherworking bracers to calculate the cost of one expulsom.

Expulsom crafting value

TSM Setup

As usual I rely on the same auctioning operation I have utilized throughout the entire expansion to post crafted gear. It will be invalid if you haven’t set a proper price for expulsom, so make sure you get one in.Due to the random proc nature of the items my group will be missing some of the variants and you will have to add them manually. Just go to the group page of TSM and click the sub groups for item level 340 gear.

If you want to level up your gold making come join me on Patreon and get access to awesome rewards like Early Access to all my posts. 

17 thoughts on “BfA Goldmaking: Making gold with tailoring in 8.3

  1. Seriously, it must be really nice to be on realms where stuff like this sells. I made a bunch of Uncanny gear on patch day, and only 4 pieces sold and now the gear has dropped in price so much it’s not worth crafting. And since I leveled LWing to make that gear as well, I basically wasted my time and gold to level it.

    1. I’ve had consistent success with this gear in BfA, but I’m sure there can be server differences. It is time consuming though, so I doubt players would bother with it unless the profit is decent, I know I wouldnt. I’ll be diving in to take a look at it when I get back from Vacation.

    2. In my experience, the crafted gear will sell better in the longer run. Right now people are either focusing on mains with higher gear or they are on alts with higher gear. The crafted gear is really attractive for fresh 120’s since it’s the fastest way to jump into new content. Also the new catchup tokens are more like timeless where they drop and have class restrictions, unlike benthic which was really easy to get from a vendor for any class. As far as the uncanny goes I have found that weapons have been selling very very well and still retain their value because they are the hardest to get. You don’t get a weapon from the quest line this time.

      1. There are literally people who have made millions already with Uncanny gear. I’m on a high pop server for raiding, and the gear isn’t selling at all, neither are the weapons. Right now, the only thing I’m making money with is Bil’Tong and Mech-Dowles “Big Mech”, like for the rest of BFA, it’s the only thing I’ve been able to sell at all.

  2. All of the tailoring uncanny gear is barely profitable on my server. 🙁 200-500 gold each now. I made some nice sales upfront, but then the market tanked. It’s very disappointing. I was selling notorious gear for better profit margins right up until the patch.

    1. That’s a really low profit margin and sounds like it’s not worth it. Are you on rank 3 recipes? It could be that players have higher rnaks on average this time around due to the fairly easy to get marks of honor from Korrak’s Revenge. Couple that with the increased Expulsom cost and the market may have higher barrier to entry this time around.

      1. Unfortunately, that is with rank 3. Some of the leatherworking items are sub-2k now too on my server. I’m kicking myself for not having a blacksmith because those items still seem to be selling at higher profit margins.

        1. That’s crazy, I suggest putting them in your bank and just waiting 2-3 months, when people get tired of raiding and start leveling alts. Maybe the market will change. Other people might stop crafting too and the price will go up. You just never know, but things can change weekly/monthly.

  3. Your calculation formula for expulsom is cut off. Any chance of getting that re uploaded here?

    Also, for tailoring, I’ve sold a few pieces, not many. We got shafted on one of our pieces we can craft, the cloak, since everyone can get a 470 one via the 8.3 questline. There’s also the blue BoAs from rares, so people probably aren’t going to be paying much for these sets of crafted gear. I think the main crafted money maker will be the weapons which, sadly, tailoring cannot make any.

    1. BoA tokens have been around in every oatch in BfA, and the combatant gear has still sold well, so I don’t think it will be too different this time around. I’ll fix the expulsom string right away.

    1. As a non-pvper with multiple alts, I find the easiest way to get Marks of Honor is by running brawls when they’re up. There’s a weekly quest that rewards 5 marks, plus 3 marks in the strongbox for a win. 8 marks per alt for just 1 (successful) brawl each.

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