Goldmaking news: Island Expedition goes soloable in 9.1.5

One of the better investments I’ve ever done in WoW was buying tons of Island expedition Transmog at the end of BfA. With the recently announced 9.1.5 addition of solo islands this gear will be a lot easier to obtain, let’s look at what this means.

Transmog galore

Island expeditions drop an absolutely incredible amount of various transmog pieces. This means that any one item has a fairly low drop chance, which is why it was so good. The transmog generally looks quite good and can be traded.

No supply for a while

Since you have had to queue with a full group of 3 since BfA ended and everyone was eager to get into the new zones, very little of these items has been farmed recently. Prices have exploded across the board since Bfa, with some items selling for multiple hundreds of thousands of gold currently. This explosion in value will take sharp downturn once 9.1.5 launches.

Mount farming

The main reason I think supply will increase significantly is due to the sheer amount of mounts available from islands. There are many mounts and loads of mount farmers. For these players any tradeable transmog they get will just be a happy misfortune. This will lead to a lot of supply from players just looking to dump their items. Prices should decrease significantly for most items, before eventually stabilizing.

A new dawn?

Once prices have stabilized there is a good chance you can still make gold flipping these items. As many of the players farming them might be unaware of their value and due to the sheer number of different items there’s a good chance items will be mispriced. This will all vary quite a bit from realm to realm and depend on what kind of competition you will face.

It will start early

The price drop should already be under way as many players will hold of on buying until after the patch. Of course not everyone follows the news closely, but goldmakers in this market will stop buying up underpriced stuff and we shoudl see a short term decrease in demand. Really long term it all depends on how much people enjoy farming islands. I’m sure I will head out and do some runs as I’m missing most of the mounts and I could really use them. Either way it will be very interesting to follow this market as it goes through some incredibly turbulent times.

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