TBC Goldmaking: Phase 2 and resistance gear

Phase is approaching and with the release of Serpentshrine Cavern we also see the re-addition of the need for resistance gear. It’s mostly just relevant for tanks, but it will have an economic impact.

What resistance gear is needed

For Serpentshrine Caverns you will need tanks with Frost and nature resistance. Most guilds will want to kit out at least two tanks, and potentially an off-tank to make sure they always have the gear ready. In addition you need warlocks with Fire resistance for Leotheras the Blind.

Resistance gear is often crafted

A lot of the gear in the frost and nature resistance gear sets come from professions. This will have an effect on materials, although I doubt it will be too significant as only tanks need the items. You should also see some sales of the finished items, particularly the cheaper ones, and potentially selling the crafting services.


Blacksmiths can craft both the Wildguard set for nature resistance and the Iceguard set for Frost resistance. Both sets will be needed by the majority of tanks. These recipes are all quite expensive in terms of material, as the items are epic so I suspect most guilds will prefer crafting them in-house. The recipes come from reputations with the Wildguard set coming from Cenarion Expedition and the Iceguard set coming from the Violet Eye. If you have the rep it is a no-brainer to pick up the recipes to see what you can do with them.


Interestingly for the frost resistance set for druids the best pieces are the leather Frost resistance pieces from naxxramas. These recipes come from the Argent Dawn, so if you did not farm Exalted back in the day, now is the time! Sadly there is no analogous gear to the blacksmithing crafted gear. For nature resistance druids will have to rely on various random drops and the jewelry, so leatherworkers only get to craft the polar set from naxxramas.


Tailors will primarily be catering to the warlocks looking to tank Leotheras. The Flameheart set recipes comes from The Aldor reputation, so if you are not yet exalted there is still time. The recipes are rare in quality, which makes the material costs relatively low, and there’s a good chance you can sell these on the AH. I suspect many warlocks will want to have these items in their bags, if only to ensure they get taken to the raid.


Jewelcrafter’s get access to four recipes that are relevant. A neck and a ring each for both the nature and the frost resistance set. The Pendant of Thawing and the Frozen Eye are the two items for the frost resistance set, with the Pendant of Withering and the Natural Ward coming in for nature resistance. The necklaces are particularly intriguing as they are rare quality and not too expensive. I suspect you can sell those on the AH as buying them there actually makes sense. The rings are on the slightly more expensive side, but there’s no primal nethers so even those could sell decently on the AH. For the Fire Resistance set you can craft the Pendant of Frozen Flame.

Once again the recipes are from reoputations with the necklaces coming from Lower City and the Scryers and the rings from Cenarion Expedition and the Violet Eye.

The materials needed

Overall most of these crafts use large amounts of primals. I don’t think the overall prices will change too much as the number of items needed is not that high. After all, only the tanks need them, and they only need them once. As such I doubt these recipes will drive the market, but they do represent items that should have already started gaining in value and if you want to sell either the crafting service or the items, now is the time.

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