Goldmaking tips: my current addons

It is no secret that addons can give a large advantage in WoW, and outside of TradeSkillMaster it’s not something I talk about too much, so let’s take a look at some of my favorites.


There’s no way around the big one. This is by a significant margin the most useful addon for goldmaking in WoW. Just getting the pricing data in the tooltip is by itself almost gamechanging. On top of that you get groups and operations to predefine rules for how you want to treat your items which saves a huge amount of time when shopping, crafting items, mailing them about and posting them to the AH.

The addon is sadly quite complex and many players have issues getting to grips with it. I suggest my written guide as the starting point.

Other AH addons

After the AH redesign I no longer feel the need for other AH addons. I used to have Auctionator as well so I could do some manual selling and purchasing more effectively. With the re-designed AH this no longer matters as the base UI is now essentially similar to what Auctionator used to provide.

Generic addons

There are some generic addons I think you should always have.

  • A bag addon
  • Some form of currency tracking
  • WeakAuras

Bag Addons 

A Bag addon to get your inventory in one window is great. Some offer additional utility to help you sort your bags as well. Personally I use Bagnon. Some players swear by AdiBags. It think it will mostly come down to personal preference. I do very little work directly from my bags so I don’t need too much functionality, but AdiBags has some nice sorting options you may prefer.

Currency tracking

I like to use TitanPanel to have easy access at the top of my screen to my total gold. It includes all your characters on that realm and account. If you mouseover you can get session data on gold gained and gold per hour. I’m sure there are other addons that do the same thing, I’ve just always like having a status bar at the top and I have been using TitanPanel as long as I can remember.


WeakAuras is an incredibly useful addon. It mostly shines in PvE and PvP to track various buffs, procs and debuffs. It can also be used for goldmaking however. Any information you want to keep on screen. For instance I have used a WA on my various flipping realms. It just showed the minimum auctioning price for BoEs on that realm so I always had it visible when running shopping scans.

Niche Addons

I currently only really use one Niche addon, but it is so good at what it does I have to mention it. BattlePetCageMatch will among other things allow you to queue up and cage one of each pet in your pet journal with the press of a single button. This is incredibly useful when doing cross realm battle pet flipping. It speeds you up significantly and is a must have if you want to dabble in this market.

Farming Addons

I do so little farming that i do not know the best ones. There are many addons both to map out nodes for mining or herbalism or even getting full routes you can follow. The ones I’m familiar with in the sence that I’ve heard the name include GatherMate, Routes and LootAppraiser.

Loot Appraiser and Loot Appraiser Challenge 

This one is the most interesting of the bunch. Loot Appraiser simply uses TSM data to put a value to anything you loot. It then calculates your gold per hour for the session. This is great to compare various farms, but it’s only for a single session. You can’t aggregate data from the same spot in the addon. Loot Appraiser Challenge simply connects you to other players with loot Appraiser. you can then run an hour long challenge to see who can farm most efficiently or has most luck. A lot of gold farming streamers run LACs on their stream, so if you’re into farming you can check out people like StudenAlbatroz to get in on the fun.

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