Retail Goldmaking: Easy Sky Golem alts

With the changes to leveling it is now easier than ever to get a sky golem crafter. You can now learn pandaria Engineering at level 10 and you can access Pandaria at 10 as well making the barrier to entry incredibly low.

Sky Golem Basics

If you are unfamiliar with the Sky Golem recipe it’s about time you catch up. It’s a crafted mount from Pandaria Engineering that has consistently been a great money maker. The mount allows you to herb while mounted, which traditionally has led to incredible demand when a new expansion launches and players want to be hyper efficient.


The Sky Golem is quite special as you need 30 Jard’s Peculiar Energy source to craft it. The Energy source is a BoP material that you can craft as a daily cooldown. As such you will need to craft jard’s every day for 30 days before you get a sky golem. This limits supply heavily and means the golem has usually had a great profit margin. This also makes it a good candidate for resets as players can’t force farm any more, they are stuck waiting for CDs.

Getting the recipe

To get the recipe you need to have Pandaria Engineering maxed out. Once you have it at 75/75 Chief Engineer Jard’s Journal can drop from and Pandaria mob. So you just go farm some random mobs for a short while and you should get it.

Leveling Pandaria Engineering

To level Pandaria Engineering you can follow the WoW-professions guide:

All of the recipes on the list are trainer learned, so it’s quite fast.

The fastest route

The absolute fastest way to do this is with a nightborne, but any allied race will do. Get to your main city and choose Pandaria time. As soon as you touch down in Pandaria it’s time to start riding towards Valley of the Four Winds.

The Engineer trainer is in the far west corner. If you are not a nightborne you will want to mail yourself the materials and some bags and pick them up at the mailbox in Halfhill on the way. If you are a Nightborne you can simply pick them up with your mailbox racial.

As soon as you finish leveling professions you can go back to Jade Forest and kill mobs until the journal drops. It can take a little while, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see one in the first 5 minutes.

Profits may go down

With how easy it is to set up Sky Golem alts I expect the profit margin will go down. The barrier to entry is significantly lower. Long term the demand should still be strong and the profit margin is absolutely fantastic currently. Either way it is not particularly expensive to get a crafter going so the potential risk is low. 

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