Here’s how you should spend your profession knowledge for 10.1!

If you’ve been uncertain about what to spend your hard-earned profession knowledge on as we waited we now have a better idea about optimal strategy.

No changes to knowledge

There’s currently no changes to profession knowledge trees on the 10.1 PTR. That means we will continue getting closer and closer to the point where we have maxed out the benefit from professions.

400+ is still inspiration

Since we’re not getting any increases to talents or new sources of skill any recipe with skill 400 or above will remain impossible to hit max quality without inspiration procs.

So this means that maxing the inspiration node is still the play for the vast majority of professions, as they all have recipes that rely on inspiration to reach the maximum quality.

Profit stats are always good

The generic profit stats like multicraft and resourcefulness are always valuable. In particular the generic resourcefulness node that increases your resourcefulness stat and the percentage gained from resourcefulness is absolutely necessary for profit in most cases.

Can you catch up?

This varies a lot by profession. For some professions and recipes you can scale your profit for every knowledge point, even past 200. This is the case for Enchanting and Engineering in particular. For other markets you can be effectively maxed out at 150, at least for one recipe or recipe type. As an example specializing in a weapon or armor type will typically require about 150-180 points depending on profession. Getting a second one to max potential will then usually require another 30 or 20 points in the relevant end node.

Either way keeping on top off your profession knowledge from now until 10.1 is going to be very important if you want to be profitable, so keep up the dailies, treatises and mob kills. 

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