The Enchanting shuffle is goldmaking that anyone can get into!

Enchanting shuffles have been a staple gold maker since Vanilla, but I have not covered it for Dragonflight. With 10.1 adding a new group of recipes requiring enchanting materials now is the perfect time to look at this build.

Shuffle basics

An enchanting shuffle is when you buy some form of materials, craft an item and then disenchant it for the enchanting materials. IF the price of the materials for the crafted item is less than what the enchanting materials are worth you are making a profit. It’s typically fairly time consuming and on the lower end of profit per hour, but it’s also usually very safe and very consistent as the materials sell really quickly.

Knowledge build

For disenchanting in Dragonflight you absolutely need the right build. In particular the end node for Draconic Disenchantment is huge as it makes it so disenchanted weapons now has a small chance of yielding a resonant crystal. The chance is about 1/33, but considering that the resonant crystal is worth 20 times more than a vibrant shard that is a very large increase in average profit. The disenchanting build only requires 50 knowledge to be maxed out, so this is very attainable for a profession alt.

The cheapest items to craft

Next up we need to figure out what the cheapest items to craft are. Typically tailoring has been the go to, but in Dragonflight weapons are a lot better due to the chance to get crystals. I’ve gone through all the basic rare recipes for professions and we have the top options below, with prices based on the cheapest combination for EU as of writing.  As of right now none of the weapons I could find are profitable, as the crafting cost is just way too high. For disenchanting armor the Surveyor’s Cloth Bands is the cheapest at 5g56s followed by the Necklace of Impending Perils from jewelcrafting at 7 gold at current prices.

Profit calculator

I’ve made a simple profit calculator in google sheets you can use. Simply put in the price of the crafted item and whether or not you have the end node for Draconic Disenchantment. This will get you the results of disenchanting an item with a given crafting cost. Disenchanting a weapon with Maxed out Draconic disenchantment will on average yield 2.2 Chromatic Dust, 1.2 Vibrant Shards and 1/33 Resonant crystal. At current EU prices this means the disenchant value is 19.2 gold as of right now.

Stock up or sell now?

As I covered last week investing in enchanting materials is a possibility for 10.1. If you can do the shuffle profitably no and you don’t have anything particularly better then you should sell it now, if you are already comfortable and want to gamble you can keep the materials, or you can just prepare crafters so you are ready to take advantage of this shuffle if we end up seeing prices explode with 10.1.

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