I decided to invest for 10.1, here’s what I bought!

A couple of weeks ago I covered the question of whether or not you should invest in enchanting materials for 10.1. The patch date was announced and I was hit by the Fomo, so I decided to drop some gold, and I might drop some more.

The best opportunity is already in the past

As many of you will no doubt be aware the price of Resonant crystals have gone up significantly, at least on EU. The price rose when the patch date was announced from around 200 gold to the current price range of 300-350 gold. Obviously if you bought before then you are already in profit, congratulations!

Generally the best time to buy is way before the patch is released, as the news will trigger activity.

Vibrant shards holding steady

For Vibrant Shards has not changed as much. It is currently hovering between 10-11 gold on EU, and it was 9-10 gold before the news came out, so just a 10% increase compared to the 50% increase for resonant crystals. I think this is mostly a volume thing. Storing huge amounts of shards is impractical. The same is true for Chromatic dust, with a small increase in prices on EU, but within 10% of the old price.

What did I do?

I have bought around 20 000 Vibrant Shards, and 500 Resonant Crystal. This cost me a little over 500 000 gold, buying the Resonant crystals for around 320, and the Vibrant Shards for about 11 gold per.

Why did I buy?

I bought resonant crystals and Vibrant Shards anyway. The reason is simply because I got the unstable elementium recipe and realized how incredibly expensive silken gemdust has gotten. The gemdust increased in price by a factor of 10, and this is a material that is trivial to mass produce. Essentially, this showed me that the raw potential for price increases for BiS gear is HUGE with the region wide AH.

Just 500k, but I’ll probably buy more

I just bought materials for 500k, and I did so from my laptop on vacation. I will probably buy more, possibly up to 1 million more, but not more than that. I will probably focus on vibrant shards/chromatic dust for any further purchases, as they have not seen much movement yet, and the gemdust example shows that they can move massively as well. They are also the main price determinant for all shuffles as well. Worst case I can probably turn them all into ring enchants for some amount of profit, so I don’t really fear getting stuck with the materials.

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