Everything you need to know to profit off epic gear crafting orders in 10.1

One of the best ways to make gold in Dragonflight has been to craft gear with crafting orders, in particular reaching the higher quality levels of gear. Today, we’ll look at the changes coming in 10.1, so you are ready to craft.

Sparks are changing

The first change is that the spark of Ingenuity system is changing. In 10.1 there’s a new spark of shadowflame, and the spark slot is now an optional reagent you choose. Items crafted with the spark of Ingenuity will be tied to season 1, and you will need to get the new spark of Shadowflame to get items that are upgradeable with the new crest upgrade items.

Optional reagents

As fast as power infusions go things are both changing, and not changing. The new infusions are called crests and are crafted by enchanter’s. To craft them you need the new crests that drop from various forms of difficult content, as well as some enchanting materials. While they obviously give higher item level than current items the recipe difficulty increase is still +30 for the heroic ilvl infusion and +50 for the mythic ilvl one. Essentially, your chance of reaching q5 will be exactly the same in 10.1 as it is now.

Catch up Crests?

When the PTR first came out the catch up spark for rare gear that used whelpling’s crests wasnt implemented yet. I talked about in my video the posibility that it would not turn the item BoP as the item does not say anything about turning the finished item BoP in the tooltip. Sadly, this is just a tooltip oversight. Items crafted with the whelpling’s crest are BoP, meaning they are the domain of crafting orders if you want to make gold with them.

Recipe unlocking

Obviously getting the new crest recipes early can be a fantastic ticket to riches, particularly if you already enjoy fighting for customers in trade chat. The recipes drop from the new zone, with treasures indicated as a source on the PTR. They are all currently BoP according to datamining, so be prepared to do some grinding on your enchanter!

It’s going to be very similar to the current situation

Overall I think high-end gear crafting will be very similar to the current situation, except of course that demand will be a lot higher since everyone is going to want to upgrade their items to shadowflame sparks and higher item levels as soon as possible after the patch rolls around. You will be looking at trade chat and negotiating with buyers, and since nothing changes on the knowledge side you can expect much higher competition than at launch as many crafters will now be able to craft a wide variety of items at max quality.

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