I’m a father now

I had to cut my stream short quite abruptly last night as my fiancee’s water broke.

Everything went well with the birth and she was born a couple hours ago.

Obviously this changes my schedule in new and interesting ways. I am hoping that I will find time to write a post by Thursday, but no guarantees. Once we get settled I’ll let you know about any changes to my schedules.

8 thoughts on “I’m a father now

  1. Congratulations. Time to figure out the gold making activities that only need one hand for when the other is busy holding a sleeping child.

      1. Yeah, that was one of the hardest things with the default binding. I couldn’t post items since I couldn’t hold the CTRL key while using the scroll wheel. Also shift clicking to split stacks of items.
        Life is hard with children…
        I hope you all adjust to the big change and enjoy every moment.

  2. Congrats!! Do we have a little mini multi billion wow gold toon in the works? Maybe… “Baby Goblin”

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