Gold making tips for the last part of Legion

We are closing in on the last part of Legion with Battle for Azeroth likely to release later this year. Inspired by the latest weekly Wow Gold wrapup on Wowhead I will write up some of my tips for making the most out of the end of Legion.

Gameplay trends

First we will cover the typical gameplay trends at the end of an expansion. What people are doing in game has a massive impact on what they are willing to buy.

The end of progression

This is the most important point by far. End game progression is slowly approaching it’s end for Legion. There is still a decent amount of raiding left in the tier and expansion, but the last peak is in the rear view mirror. This means that we will see a gradual decrease in demand and prices for all consumables, item enhancements etc. I still expect all of these markets to be profitable, but the profit is decreasing. Avoid buying too large quantities of materials as we expect materials to decrease in price as well.

The flip side is that people will focus on other parts of the game on their mains. This can be obtaining mounts, transmog, achievments etc. Anything you can sell that supports this will likely still be relevant and can make you money for a long time. Luxury mounts will likely be great for the last months of Legion. Consider farming for the Vial of the Sands recipe if you are starved for things to do.  If you are a strong PvE player getting into a boosting group can be a profitable way to spend the last parts of the expansion.

Bring out your alts

With the end of progression players will often focus on their alts. There are tons of things for them to spend gold on in relation to alts. This can be crafted gear to quickly test it out in raids, bags, transmog etc. Especially with the release of sub-races in patch 7.3.5 we would expect items useful for alts to sell really well. Stock up on hexweave bags and be ready to craft obliterum gear if you can.

The end of twinking

We will soon hit the end of life for 101 twinks. I expect them to have one renaissance during 7.3.5 as boosts are likely to be in demand at that point as mentioned above. Outside of that we are approaching a time were it can be very cheap to gear a twink if you want to test it out. Otherwise I suggest limiting your exposure to 101 twink items going forward. I’d suggest at least to start slowly lowering your maximum shopping prices. It is also time to consider lowering your minimum auctioning price. If you have been in this market for a while you are likely to be at a decent profit in addition to your current stock, so even if you sell what you have left at a slight loss you will be coming out a head.

Things to focus on

Now is the time to strike

If you have large amounts of materials or a great operation now is the time to go hardcore. If you have the time I suggest increasing your cancel scanning/reposting frequency. Prices will remain good for several more months, so make sure you are in profitable markets and that you are not sitting on large material stockpiles for no reason.

Cash is king

As prices continue to fall for all Legion items liquid gold will be king. Consider dusting off some liquid gold farms or methods. Utilize your order halls to the maximum possible degree. They are massive sources of liquid gold and are likely to be nerfed at some point in the future. If you have alts without optimized order halls consider getting them up to speed. The gold is pretty ridiculous, and you can do it all from your Legion companion app. Remember to always do the Blood of Sargeras mission to get more resources.


Cosmetics are not tied to a single expansion or any end game activity. This makes them a great market for between expansion lulls. Craft up old world transmog gear, crafted mounts and any other cosmetic stuff you can get your hands on. Players will be more spendy in the cosmetic department and prices and profit margins will likely keep up better than any items tied to the Legion end game.

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