What im currently working on

I thought I would give a peek into what I am currently working on in terms of gold making both inside the game and in terms of tools outside the game.

In game

In game I am leveling my druid to 110 (Currently 108). I am going Leatherworking and Tailoring to get access to income streams based on the materials I cannot currently use. I have no idea what the best methods will be yet, but I will do writeups for both professions when I get them up and Running.

Next on the leveling list will probably be my Death Knight for inscription/blacksmithing. I have no plans to get into alchemy currently as getting rank 3 recipes seems to be a terrible RNG grind for low rewards. I don’t need gathering professions as I do not bother spending my time on that.

Recently I have also leveled alchemy on my 100 monk for Pyrium Bars And I will probably get another alchemist soon for even more bars.

I will probably write up my experience with cooking too which has been great, although the market is mainly in selling of loads of food on raid reset day.

I will be continuing my experiments in flipping Legion materials and epics and do a writeup as soon as I feel comfortable with my methods.

Outside the game

My main focus outside the game has been updating my spreadsheets to include an automatic method for downloading price data. I have a working excel workbook for jewelcrafting and will je releasing it as soon as i have vetted the macros I wrote one last time. I will be adding the code to my enchanting sheet as well. I have long term plans to make a comprehensive spreadsheet that includes all Legion professions and recipe, but this will not be ready for quite sometime. 

I have started streaming a bit as well on twitch. Mostly just my normal gameplay, and I will try to be vocal and answer any questions you guys might have about gold making. It’s at twitch-tv/bunnycuddle and i generally stream from 22-01ish CET.

I also have some topics I am considering writing about/researching in more detail. This includes:

  • Order hall gold
  • Leveling alts efficiently
  • Setting up TSM
  • Old expansion profession tips
    • Smelting
    • Transmog
    • Cards of Omens
    • Cloth shuffles

If you have anything you’re particularily interested in i’d be happy to prioritise it, so leave a comment if you do.

2 thoughts on “What im currently working on

  1. Thank you very much for your guides. I enjoy reading them. I found out your blog some weeks ago and I just wanted to say hi and thank you. Hope you keep on going. Your JC spread sheet is one of my main tools to take decitions right now. Im also an enchanter, but im still thinking if I should go in that market with lvl 2 enchants. What are your thoughts about it?

    1. Neck enchants are probably profitable at rank 2. (Only 2 leylight shards difference, which isn’t a lot). 15 arkhana on the ring enchants is a lot more and a larger percentage of the value. My enchanting spreadsheet should tell you whether it is profitable at rank 2. You can find it here if you haven’t seen it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Gt7q6FyeuVildj-3DApedCeWua1IVulnPFPPwxwqdE/edit#gid=1715355544 . For enchanting i also find that sourcing my own leylight shards and Arkhana is highly profitable (And disenchanting leaves me with a lot of Blood of Sargeras as well).

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