Trial of Valor release

Today on US and tomorrow on EU we will see the normal and Heroic versions of the new 3 boss raid Trial of Valor. This will likely mean that demand for certain items will be higher than usual.

I realise this post is too late for my american readers, as ToV is now out and any preparations are too late, but if you are on EU you can likely still profit from the new raid.

If you are on EU i would strongly suggest stocking up on item enhancements if you can craft them cheaply. Gems and Enchants will most likely see a strong temporary demand surge tomorrow. Demand for enchants, gems and consumables will be higher tomorrow than they have been as loads of casual guilds go into slightly more serious progress mode, and the higher base Ilvl means that more people will be getting upgrades. Raid reset days generally have much stronger demand for these items, and the release of a new raid will increase this effect.

I dont suggest buying up tons of stock if you dont personally craft, but it can be profitable (Make sure you are buying stuff at really low prices, and be OK with it being high risk).

The price of Chaos Crystals have been stable for a week or two now, but i expect them to start decreasing again, as a new raid increases the number of epics created per day so crystals should be slightly more abundant. This effect will obviously increase over time as less ToV gear is upgrades. I dont believe this effect is particularily large, but it will continue the larger trend of decreasing prices.

I am personally well stocked with epic gems. I will probably spend the day crafting up enchants and maybe crafting the secondary stat gems (I would have to buy bloods for this, so I’m on the fence).

If you have been preparing for a while expect good profits, otherwise see if you can eke out some profits by crafting up some last minute stock.

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