Is BoE gear coming back or is the 10.1 PTR just Teasing? First look at 10.1!

he 10.1 PTR is out and for once the X.1 patch of an expansion actually has profession changes! So let’s take a look!

No knowledge changes

This is a big thing to just get out of the way. It does not seem like we are getting any extensions to the profession knowledge trees. I have not done much gameplay testing, and I’m sure a lot of system changes are not finalized, as I would expect the new zone to have sources of knowledge, but as of now we will all be closer and closer to maxing out the knowledge trees.

As such we can expect competition to be very high in 10.1 across the board, the major barrier to entry will be recipe access if any of the new recipes are locked behind various activities, reputation or other aspects.

New ilvl infusions

One of the biggest changes in 10.1 is that all the new ilvl infusions are now crafted items. They use the new crests that drop from all forms of content and are BoP. Enchanters get to craft them and they require crests + enchanting materials.

This has a huge number of effects, #1 obviously being the potential for a spike in enchanting material prices (but keep in mind that everyone else will realize this as well so stocking is not guaranteed gold). There’s no data on PTR yet about how to get these recipes as far as I can tell. My most likely guess is a time gate, but they could go with a rep gate for the new zone as well. Either way if you can be faster than other players to the recipe for the highest ilvl infusion you can make good amount of gold.

BoE gear?

Another interesting tidbit is the Enchanted Whelpling’s Shadowflame Cest. This one is used on rare recipes and does not make them soulbound. Of course it requires a whelplings crest, which you need to generate somehow, but you can theoretically buy enchanters crests with work orders (unless it is a forced reagent like sparks). This will allow you to craft some amount of BoE catch up gear though, and even if it is capped it can be a very welcome addition to the crafting game. I personally wished they just went straight BoE on the reagent as well, or added a BoE training matrix that gets you to current normal raid Ilvl ish as a nice way for players to catch up quickly.

Transmute mains?

The heroic and mythic ilvl infusions both require the Dracothyst, which is a new BoP material that alchemists can transmute. Transmutation is suddenly very back with this change, and you may want to prepare some transmuters. It’s possible all the transmute spec nodes help out here, so this is definitely something to consider if you are planning to try to craft the crests.

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