This is the easiest recipe to make gold with in Dragonflight!

Today we’ll take a look at an engineering item that is one of the absolute hidden gems of this expansion. It is one of VERY few items that you can craft and sell on your realm specific AH!

Zapthrottle Soul Inhalers

The Zapthrottle Soul Inhaler is a Bind on Use item that a lot of players need. It allows you to create the various BoP elemental soul materials that are needed in some epic recipes as well as certain toy recipes. This means a lot of characters will want one of these to generate these materials.

At the beginning of the expansion they were selling for 20k+ profit, and while prices are a lot lower now they are still profitable, and the sale rate is high!

Getting the recipe

The recipe is unlocked from the knowledge tree. You need 20 points in Scrapper in the Optimized Efficiency tree to unlock the recipe. This is pretty much instantly attainable on any crafting alt with engineering, you can get there with just first crafts and one set of weeklies.


One very nice thing about this recipe is that the only stat that impacts your profit is resourcefulness. This is generally the least impactful stat, and it means you can get away with a lot less in terms of knowledge than you would on an item on the regionwide AH that relies on inspiration or multicraft. Right now on my realm the difference in crafting cost between my 200+ knowledge engineer and a zero knowledge one is about 20 gold. The inhalers are right now at 3600 gold on the AH.

TSM settings

You can use a basic crafting operation in TSM if you want. Personally I tend to post these manually, as I want to post however many I crafted. Since you are on just your realm AH you can often get many sales off of one repost, so don’t be afraid to post 10 or even 20 at the time.

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