Jewelcrafting Gold Guide, make gold in Wrath Classic with this classic profession!

Wrath of the Lich King is coming, and today we will look at the goldmaking potential of what will be one of the most popular professions: jewelcrafting.

Strong PvE benefits

Jewelcrafting has very strong PvE benefits in the form of special epic gems for the jewelcrafter. This is extremely flexible and is the preferred choice for a large number of specs. This means that jewelcrafting will be very popular, but the number of players who meaningfully participate in the jewelcrafting market will most likely not rise significantly. The reason is simple: prospecting takes a lot of time and effort.

Recipe acquisition

Most of the phase 1 recipes that are going to be economically significant will come from the vendors in Dalaran. This includes all rare gems, as well as meta gems, and epic necklaces and rings. All of the recipes are purchased through Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s tokens. You get these from doing a daily quest from Timothy Jones in Dalaran. You can get one per day. In addition you can turn in 10 titanium dust for 1 token. To get all the recipes you would need hundreds of tokens, so utilizing the Titanium dust turn in is a necessity. There’s also the damaged necklace turn in, that can be done more than once a day, but it requires level 77, so you will have to level your jewelcrafter for this. These will likely be expensive, but it can be well worth it to shell out for recipes early.

Get the big ones first

In general I suggest getting the highest potential gems first. This includes Delicate, bold, and runed Scarlet rubies, as the typical top three. You will then want to get at least one recipe for each gem color, prioritizing hit for yellow, hit combinations for orange, stamina for blue and stamina combinations for green.

Reputation focus

There are a couple of reputation locked gem recipes you will want to get your hand on. The most noticeable one being the Runed Scarlet Ruby for spellcasters, which requires Exalted with the Kirin Tor. Outside of that none of the reputations have any important gem recipes.

World drops and dungeons

There’s a good number of recipes that come from dungeons and world drops. The world drops are BoE, and can be purchased on the AH. I would particularly keep an eye out for The Etched and Inscribed Monarch Topaz recipes, as well as the meta gems. Sovereign Twilight opal also has some potential for purple gems.

Early bird gets the worm.

As always the initial gearing rush is the best period to profit from jewelcrafting. The earlier you unlock the various recipes the better. I would strongly suggest dropping gold on getting more tokens, particularly early one. Competition on any given gem will be low as very few players will have the recipes. Keep in mind though, that demand for the gems won’t be peaking until players start hitting level 80 in significant numbers.

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