The best tips for making gold in Season 4!

9.2.5 is out, and while it did not change much, it did reinvigorate the game. So let’s look at the best  current content goldmaking methods right now.

As always my focus will be on professions

I mostly focus on professions. There’s definitely a good number of flipping opportunities around this season, particularly with the large number of raid BoEs, but we won’t focus on those here.

Legendary recrafting

While season 4 did not introduce a new rank of legendaries it did introduce a new item level cap. You can now get item level 304 gear from the vault and mythic raids, scaling all the way up to 311 for the end bosses. This means you no longer want your legendary in a big stat slot, now you want it in a slot with as few stats as possible, to minimize the stats you lose from not having a 304 or 311 piece in that slot.

I’m up past 1.5 million so far in the last 1.5 weeks, compared to about 800 000 in the 2-week period before that. Both prices and sale rate is up, and there are a good number of opportunities for resets if you enjoy playing actively on the AH.

Legendary demand has been through the roof, and my realm (a very high pop one) almost ran out of Progenitor Essentia, with the price up past 5000 gold, when it had been at 1500 or even less for a long time.

Legendary demand is shortlived

Legendary demand will be relatively short-lived of course. Now that being said It’s not worth recrafting until you actually get a good amount of 304 gear, so it will take a while before demand really goes down, as many players on the slightly more casual edge of the end-game scale probably dont have the gear to make it worthwhile yet.

The progenitor Essentia price will probably normalize within a couple of weeks as players finish their legendaries.

262 gear still sells well

While we did not get any new crafter’s marks the increased item level from raid has not actually reduced the sale rate. If anything it is slightly up as more players are rerolling with the beginning of the patch. This market will most likely remain the best entry level market for the remainder of the expansion, so get out there and finish off Zereth Mortis if you havent.

I’ve had more than 300k in sales the last 1.5 weeks, which is pretty good, and on par, or slightly better than what it has typically been lately.

BoE Flipping

With all 3 raids in rotation and all of them dropping higher ilvl BoEs when they are the fated raid, this patch might be the best opportunity for BoE flipping in Shadowlands. This is not a market for the faint of heart (or new goldmakers). You will need to be willing to invest millions into stock to get going. There’s multiple different approaches, I would suggest looking for Mythic BoE farming communities to try to find suppliers so you can get your items below market value.

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