Late to the party: TBC Phase 5 Goldmaking overview

With TBC Phase 5 out it’s time to look at what you want to do in terms of goldmaking. This is the final content patch, and a perfect opportunity to get back into the game, or just build a bankroll for Wrath if that’s your jam.

New recipes

There’s a bunch of new recipes and crafted items. This includes both BoP gear, BoE items and of course some new epic gems. For the crafted gear the BoP gear generally requires Primal Nether, whereas the BoE pices require the new material Sunmote from Sunwell Plateau (which can be traded).

BoP gear

The BoP gear will lead to a short-lived demand burst for all the required materials. This includes all the various rare crafting materials like Khorium, the daily cooldown cloths etc. As soon as the recipes get out you will see some demand spikes as players race to get them.

BoE gear

There’s a good chunk of new recipes dropping from Sunwell Plateau. Jewelcrafters get 3 different rings, each covering a different archetype. Then we also get a set of gloves, two each for Blacksmithing and tailoring, and four for Leatherworking. The recipes are BoP, and drop from Sunwell Trash, but all the materials and the finished crafts are BoE. If you can get your hands on these early you could see some strong trade chat sales, and there might be gold in selling them on the AH as well.

New Gems

We are getting four more epic gem cuts, as well as two new meta gems. The meta gems are not super relevant, but it never hurts to have them in your recipes book. The gems  are primarily focused on spell haste, with a yellow pure spell haste and orange spell haste/spell damage gem. The last one could be interesting for yellow sockets for some specs. We also get a green resilience/stamina epic gem, which could be good for PvPers. The recipes come from Revered with the Shattered Sun Offensive, so you want to get on the daily grind as soon as possible. The faster you unlock them the better.


There’s one new enchant with the Enchant Chest – Defense. In addition we get the Void Shatter formula that will turn a Void Crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards. This will obviously make Large Prismatics more easily obtainable and much cheaper, and void crystals might get a bit more expensive.

You need to be Honored with the Shattered Sun Offensive for both recipes, so get working if you want. Once players start getting honored en masse we can expect to see prices start changing rapidly.


Lastly we also get the isle of Quel Danas dailies. Back in the day this was a premier inflation event as everyone was doing the dailies. We can expect a lot of people to do them, and raw gold will be generated at fairly high rates. You can do the dailies for gold, but whether it is better or worse than other farms remains to be seen, either way prefer for prices to rise on many items as your average joe gets more gold.

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