Why is Engineering the worst goldmaking profession in Shadowlands

For basically the entire expansion one profession has languished at the absolute bottom of the totem pole: Engineering. 

Let’s look at why, and what you can do with it

The only SL recipe that matters

There’s a single profitable recipe in Shadowlands, and that is the Wormhole Generator. It is one of the most useful items in all of Shadowlands, and I’m sure many players who don’t really care about their professions have gone engineering specifically to take advantage of this item. The recipe is unlocked from The Undying Army reputation, at just Honored reputation. This made it a little annoying to get, at least at the beginning of the Expansion. 

This one item is actually one of the most useful profession items in all of Shadowlands. The time you save from consistently having the ability to teleport around to the zone you want to be in is incredible. 

It’s all useless 

Outside of the wormhole generator, all the consumables, and all the fun items are useless from a goldmaking perspective, as they do not provide enough benefit to give them any actual demand. The goggles are engineering only, so most players will prefer the non-engineering variants for 262 gear. The grenade could have been good, but it shares a CD with your damage potion, making it completely useless. 

Unlike BfA Engineering didn’t even get a single mount to make up for the almost complete lack of useful end-game recipes.

Engineering always sucks?

Engineering has historically had a ton of high utility items, but usually only usable by other engineers. Historically it has primarily been less useful from a goldmaking PoV. It has generally had a niche in crafted mounts, with MoP in particular adding several, as well as the original high value crafted mount with the choppers in Wrath. Interestingly Engineering was incredibly strong for goldmaking in Classic. Sapper charges and the other grenades sold really well, as they took quite a bit of time to craft and they were needed in large quantities. 

I hope it changes in Dragonflight

As I’ve talked about in the past I think every profession should have recipes that are relevant for end-game content. Engineering has been in need a of a better identity for quite a while, ever since they reined in the player benefits significantly the profession has been a side show during most expansions, barely having anything worth caring about. 

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