Let’s try to get a token on Wrath in less than 30 days!

I’m going to start this challenge with my level 80 warlock and a fresh bankalt. I will use a bankalt on the same account, to simulate a normal players position. I do have maxed professions, but my warlock has fairly bad gear, so it should even out. I’ll start with 100 gold and move all of my materials and finished items away.

Breaking it down, profit per day

The current price of a token is 6982. My experience is that I can typically get 20-30 % profit margin long term across my markets. That means I will need to generate about 30 000 gold in total sales over the next 30 days, excluding whatever I earn from dailies or farming. My daily profit needs to average out to 232 gold. This is probably doable even with just dailies, but I obviously want to minimize that and maximize the gold earned from the AH and professions.

Preferred markets

I’m just going to use the professions I already have. Not everyone is in the perfect position, and making the best of where you are is a valuable skill. Starting with 100 gold it is not feasible for me to start fresh, as it would make my ramp up time way too slow. Generally speaking I will prefer fast moving markets. Raw materials, or high volume item enhancements are the top two types of items, but anything that has a power effect will be considered.

Opening moves

The immediate group of items that stands out to me is the leg armor enchants. I want to get them going as soon as possible, as they have the best sale rates out of anything. I have also been working on loremaster on this character, so I will focus my questing efforts on that rather than dailies, which may be a bit less efficient, but I want to work towards the Deathchill cloak recipe, which I may not unlock, but it’s the better long term move.

First results

It’s now day 2 of the challenge, and I’ve already started getting some sales. I’ve also done a good amount of quests for raw gold. Doing dailies is surprisingly good, and just doing dailies for a token is probably less work for the first one than what I do here. 6-10 dailies a day on average should be enough for a token.

That being said I’m up to 1900 gold on the Auction House, with currently 473 gold on me. So far I’ve gotten 678 gold from the Auction House, selling 3 Nerubian Leg armor (at 30 gold profit per armor), an Icescale leg armor and a Cloak of Crimson Snow as the big sales. I’ve vendored stuff for 300 gold and I’ve spend almost 880, so my gold from quest rewards and drops is about 550.


I’ve also started buying materials, mostly from old expansions hoping to flip them for a profit. This has historically been very consistent, and I’ll keep an eye on prices as we go forward. I’ve also started flipping vendor tools, which has typically been quite good.

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