I crafted a bunch of Phase 1 recipes, and I ended up making a ton of gold!

If I told you that you can make tons of profit selling crafted gear that wasn’t even BiS in Phase 1, would you believe me? Well, let’s see if I can convince you!

The 30 days challenge

Diving back into wrath goldmaking meant that I got to look through my professions with a critical eye for profit. Now the first thing that stood out when looking at tailoring and leatherworking was the copious amounts of profit shown here. There’s an absolute ton of recipe that show really strong profits. The items that are showing a profit include both random PvE rares as well as entry level PVP pieces.

Time to test

I looked at the region average daily sold and for a lot of them this number as above 0.1. This indicates that items at least sell on a weekly basis, and for some of them it was as high as 0.3, which means you can expect sales every couple of days at least. So the only thing to do then was to throw some up on the AH to see what happens. I started with the pvp cloaks from tailoring, and was instantly rewarded!

6 sales in 2 days

Over the last 2 days I’ve sold 6 pieces of armor, and I’m not even stocking all of them yet. Obviously I have prioritized the most popular ones, but there’s still a lot of room to scale. Even then this is looking incredibly good, in particular the Cloak of Crimson Snow, which is consistently selling for 3 times the crafting cost.

Get going

This is a great set of items to get started with on the Auction house. Overall they are fairly cheap to craft and you can get away with reposting once a day and just pulling in some very easy gold. If you need a TSM setup you can find it below, which includes all the PvP items. 

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