Long term investment: the Swift Lovebird

The love is in the air event is now live which means players can get the Swift Lovebird mount from the event. This mount is tradeable on the AH, so it is a very good investment candidate!

Supply is very cyclical

Players can only get these mounts during the event and they take a while to farm. You cna grind this by killing mobs for Lovely charms, or by just doing the event dailies. Once the event is over, there’s no way to generate more mounts. This pretty much guarantees that the price will fall during the event and then spike back up afterwards.

A look at historical prices

If we look at the price history it is incredibly consistent across all realms. The quantity goes up about a week or two after the event begins when players have had enough time to farm all their tokens. The price is usually lowest in March, before it starts trending upwards slowly and steadily. Usually the price peak around January as we hit the lowest amount of supply before the event.


If you like farming then go ahead and farm up some lovely charms and event currency. It is a pretty good deal, with the price reaching as high as 500k on many realms. Obviously this will not be a get rich quick scheme as you will have to wait a couple of month to sell your mounts at least to make a profit.

Buy and keep

This is pretty much the perfect item to flip. Supply is hard capped and you just have to buy and hold and wait for the price to go up. I will be buying these across most of my realms this year, and hope to sell them in 4-10 months time for a decent chunk more.

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