Shadowlands Goldmaking: Now is the time to branch out

We are now 3 months into the expansion and the initial peak in demand is behind us. Most players have their main legendaries, and most of the hardcore population has wrapped up CN Progress. Price on most SL items has already started falling significantly and this trend will continue.

Cosmetics are back on the menu

Cosmetics will start seeing increased demand as players focus more of their resources on other goals than high-end PvE or PvP. This is the perfect time to get into some of the old world markets I mentioned last week. You can spend downtime working on getting rare recipes, crafting more mounts or transmog or anything else.

Alt staples

Players usually also spend this time leveling and gearing alts. This is a great time to sell stuff to alts, particularly as the revamped leveling means it is really fast to get a new character to level 60. Crafter’s mark 2 catch up gear, BoEs, bags and anything else a fresh level 60 can use will generally do well. Outside of BoEs none of these markets will make you obscenely rich, but they will all contribute to pushing you close and closer to your first or second token. Crafter’s mark 2 gear alone can likely fund several tokens a month as the sale rate is incredible.

Decreasing, but not dead

Price on SL items are increasing, but they are not dying off. Many more casual players are still progressing in Normal, Heroic and Mythic Nathria as well as pushing keys. There will still be demand for all the trappings of power, including consumables, Base legendaries and catch up gear for alts. Competition will likely vary as players swever between markets based on how profitable they are in the short run. All of the major SL crafting markets will likely continue to generate a profit all the way up to 9.1.

Prepare for the 9.1 bump

A new patch almost always leads to a short term increase in demand for consumables and any items needed for gear. Prices are usually lowest about a month out. Stocking up then can be a good idea. You will want to keep a close eye on PTR once it goes live so you are ready to invest in any material that seems like it will be needed in larger quantities than now. New base legendary ranks is the main candidate, alongside the general increase in demand for consumables for raiding.

Enjoy the game

Don’t forget to enjoy the game. Do something you haven’t in a while. I was in a BG yesterday and I had a blast just playing a meme burst spec blowing people up. I haven’t been in a BG in a long time and it was surprisingly fun. You might find something you enjoy and can get back into!

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