Looking ahead to patch 8.1.5

We are now quite close to the release of 8.1.5, which is coming in a little less than a week, and it’s about time we take a look at the changes and see what they might mean for goldmaking. Patches always shake up the game in some ways and that generally leads to shifts in player behaviour, and thus shifts in what is the most profitable gold making methods. 


As always with WoW patches we get some new content to sink our teeth into. This time around there are three main pieces off content we get, with varying implications for goldmaking. 

New allied races

8.1.5 will finally unlock the Zandalari Trolls and the Kul Tiran Humans. I expect a lot of people will race change, we may also see some people leveling alts, which might lead to a small uptick in the market for bags and armor for fresh level 120s. 

Tools of the Trade


This is the big change, all the professions get a new cool toy. Sadly the toys have wildly different effects, and only some of them are useful from a goldmaking point of view. This video by Signs of Kelani has a great rundown of all the items, how to obtain them and what they do. 

The most useful ones that will have an impact on goldmaking are the Enchanting, jewelcrafting and tailoring ones. The others generally have small open world related benefits. 

The enchanting one increases disenchanting yields. This will make it an absolute MUST have for the enchanting shuffle in BfA. It will also probably lead to a decrease in enchanting material prices. I haven’t seen data on how large the increase is, but any increase will have a large effect. 

The jewelcrafting one will let you unsocket gems for free, as well as letting you get gems from shrines around the world. The extra gems in particular are likely to increase the gem supply and may drive prices down. 

Finally the tailoring one will increase cloth drops, at least from what the wording suggests. This should bring down cloth prices, and will on the other side make cloth farming more effective for tailors. If you farm cloth you will want to convert your farmers to tailoring and get the tool. 

Brawlers guild

The brawlers guild is also making a return and will lead to more players doing end-game content. Clearing the guild is usually quite fun, and getting the most out of your gear to make is something we can expect that people will do. 

Enchants, consumables and high end gear could all see a slight uptick. At the very least it will help sustain demand for those items. 

Resub effects

Most patches that add stuff will lead to at least some temporary increases in subscriptions. This will typically lead to increases in sales for crafted gear and BoEs as people buy themselves back into relevancy. It will generally invigorate the markets by bringing in liquidity and demand again. 

Overall this is still a .5 patch without any massive content draws though, so I do not expect this effect to be too large. 

Closing thoughts

If I had done this earlier I may have suggested stocking up on some of the rarer materials. Kraken’s eyes in particular as you need 10 of those for the jewelcrafting tool of the trade, and it is already fairly rare. Buying up platinum or kraken’s eyes can still be a decent proposition, but do check The Undermine Journal first to make sure your realm’s prices haven’t increased too much.

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  1. The alchemy tool can be changed into an item (Don’t know the exact names of that item) that increases your proc chance for multiple flask/potions. This means this tool also helps with money making.

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