TSM4 Masterclass: Understanding region sale rate and average daily sold

Today I will dive into the two TSM value sources that are related to how quickly an item sells. There are two main value sources and they can both be very useful both for use in your pricing strings as well as to make your operations. 

The two value sources

There are two value sources related to how quickly an item sells. They are called the Region sale rate and the average daily sold. 

Let’s take a quick look at what these sources do and then we’ll take a look at what we can use them for after that. 

Sale rate: dbregionsalerate

The sale rate is the percentage of auctions for a particular item that will sell when it is posted. This is always a number between 0 and 1. If it is 0.1 it means that 10% of the posted auctions for an item typically sell. You can directly apply this to your own auctions and expect to sell that percentage of your auctions for that item on average. 

Average daily sold: dbregionsoldperday

The average daily sold is the average number of items that are sold per realm per day. This will vary wildly as people will buy thousands of BfA materials per day. Transmog items might only sell once per two months on the other hand. 

Use cases

Deciding your stack sizes and number of auctions

The average daily sold is incredibly useful for deciding how many of a particular item you want to post on the auction house at the same time. If you are selling old world materials for instance you want to post an amount that is likely to sell with as few expirations as possible. 

You can just check the average daily sold in the screenshot and then set your amounts based on that. Posting 5 times the average daily sold on a low population realm is obviously wasteful. You will have to do some experimentation, but comparing your realm population to the average will give you a great starting point. 

Calculating the expected deposit costs from expirations

This is something BilisOnyxia has shown how to do before. You can use the sale rate and the avreage sold to get a pretty good average estimate for how many times your item will expire and thus how much gold you will lose on deposits. 

(1 / DBRegionSaleRate – 1) * 60% VendorSell

Estimating the profit from an item


I wrote this post using average daily sold data to estimate the profits from flipping or crafting specific items. While none of them give a true value, the formula can be used to rank items and thus help you prioritize which items to craft or flip. This is the main point anyway. 

Did I forget any?

There are a ton more potential uses for these value sources. Hopefully this gives you some ideas. If you know of any other use cases please let me know in the comments and I’ll include them in the main post!

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4 thoughts on “TSM4 Masterclass: Understanding region sale rate and average daily sold

  1. here’s a great string I use for crafting value of items.. if it doesn’t sell more than 1 time a day. i dont’ craft it

    IFGT(first(DBRegionSoldPerDay,0),1,first(dbminbuyout, dbmarket), 1c)

    put this as your crafting value for crafting operations that you only want to craft if it sells more than 1 time a day.. if you want a number other than 1.. change it. Also, i make this a customsource.

  2. 1/DBRegionSaleRate tells us how many times we have to post the item to sell it once. The deposit fee for BOE items is 30% of VendorSell, so the overall deposit fees we have to invest should be =(1/DBRegionSaleRate)*(0,3*Vendorsell). What am i missing?

    1. When you sell it you get your deposit back hence the -1. Before multiplying buy the deposit cost. 60% is for 48 hour duration that I usually use, if you use 24 then 30% would be correct.

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