Luxury mounts: The Mecha-Mogul Mk2

The Mecha-Mogul Mk2 is the new Engineering luxury mount added in BfA. This mount has some pretty hefty barriers to entry, and you need to farm the materials as they are BoP, but it sells for a lot of gold, so it may be worth it. 


Getting the recipe

The recipe drops from the last boss of the Motherlode on Mythic difficulty. You need to Engineering, but you do not need a specific level to make the recipe drop. You do need level 150 to learn it though. 

The materials

The mount requires both some normal tradeable materials as well as a set of bind on pickup materials that you can only obtain from various sources inside the Motherlode. 

Farming the BoP materials

Getting the BoP materials is quite time consuming. 3 of the items are obtained by salvaging mechanical corpses in the Motherlode on Mythic. You want to have 225 in BfA Engineering to maximize your drop chance, which you get from maxing your skill to 150 and equipping the Engineering goggles with the third trait ring unlocked for +75 engineering. 

The Barely stable Azerite Reactor is sold from Dr. Boom inside the Motherlode for 30 000 gold. The Mecha-Mogul Mk1 Remote Activation device drops from Mogul Razdunk if you have a BfA Engineering skill of 250. To get that you need to have the goggles with the third ring and to drink the Azerite Inspir-A-Geneering Elixir that drops from the Venture Co. Masterminds in the Motherlode if you have Engineering 150. 

Azerite Forget Protection Plating Salvage mechanical corpses in Mythic Motherlode with engineering skill at 225
Blast-Fired Electric Servomotor Salvage mechanical corpses in Mythic Motherlode with engineering skill at 225
Crush Resistant Stabilizer Salvage mechanical corpses in Mythic Motherlode with engineering skill at 225


Efficient farming

To farm the BoP materials you need to salvage you can either try to find a group with other engineers or try to solo the mobs. Assuming you have a well geared engineer soloing may be preferable as you can focus on farming just the mobs you need. This video by Hisham will show tell you what you need to know to effectively farm the items!

Best way to get the other materials

The recipe requires platinum and Storm Silver Ore as well as 20 Expulsom. The ore is fairly easy to purchase from the AH. For the Expulsom tailoring is your best bet by just scrapping a bunch of tidespray linen bracers. 

The recipe requires so many BoP materials that we are not going to bother with using crafting for the TSM operation, so you won’t have to fix the value for expulsom. 

TSM pricing

Since the item has a bunch of BoP materials I think using a static gold value for the pricing makes sense. You will have to set the price based on how you value the time you need to spend. Based on Wowhead comments you should be able to get the items for a craft in about 2 hours. 

The operation has the minimum price set at 200k based on EU region prices, but I strongly suggest tailoring this to your realm. 

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