Making gold with Blacksmithing in patch 8.2

Up next in our series of posts on professions in 8.2 is Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing has been one of the best goldmaking professions so far in BfA, so let’s take a look at it in 8.2. 

Taking a look at crafting profits 


The main set of new recipes is of course the item level 370 Notorious Combatant gear. Blacksmiths can craft plate armor alongside a nice set of weapons. The weapons include a polearm, dagger, caster sword, 2-handed mace and a 1-hand sword. 

Blacksmiths can also craft Inflatable mount shoes, a new mount equipment that lets your mount walk on water. 

If we look at the prices on my realm we can see that all of these items are showing some very nice profits with the current price levels. 

Getting the new recipes

The new blacksmithing recipes are fairly easy to get as they are all unlocked from the profession trainer. The mount shoes are learned at 165 and does not have any ranks. The Notorious Combatant recipes are learned from the profession trainer for rank 1, with a required skill level varying from 145 to 155. Rank 2 and 3 recipes are obtained from Marks of Honor, which you can get from PvP. 

The profits I showed above for Notorious combatant gear is for the rank 1 recipe, which really shows the potential

Does the Notorious Combatant gear sell?

Nazjatar has a lot of really easy to get 385 gear. The main factor is the intro quest that gives you a free 385 weapon which decreases the value significantly for crafted item level 370 weapons. That being said buying some 370 pieces is still the absolute fastest way to gear a fresh level 120 and I have found that the pieces sell fast enough to be quite profitable. 

I suggest crafting up to 5 of each if you can, but start with 2 each if you have little gold. Use the spreadsheet or just the TSM crafting window to get an idea of which items are most in demand. I suggest checking the daily average sold as well. Generally I would expect 1-handers to sell better than 2-handed weapons as dual wield classes need two of them. 

TSM Settings

My TSM settings includes auctioning operations for all the new items. I post them with my normal crafted gear operation. As for crafting my setup does not include a crafting operation, as the optimal number of crafted items will be unique to you and depends on your posting patterns, gold totals and other markets. 

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