Making gold with professions is SO EASY in Season of Discovery!

Season of DIscovery is upon us and players are out and about discovering the new runes and surprises in the game. A couple of the runes require profession items, and that’s what we are focusing today. Be aware that this post will contain some spoilers on how you unlock runes, so if that’s not your jam, feel free to ignore.


The first items we’ll take a look at is the new Autosalvage shredder parts. These are needed to salvage shredders in Stonetalon which you need to a rune vendor in Ratchet. The Autosalvage parts are crafted by Engineers based on a recipe that drops from Sneed in Deadmines. The drop rate is relatively generous, and the recipe is not super expensive on the AH. The barrier to entry isnt that high, but demand is substantial, and there’s still a TON of people below level 25. I expect players will also roll alts, so these should continue selling. Profits will vary, and you need to check what the cheapest combination of intermediate components. RIght now players are still leveling their professions and selling a bunch of intermediate engineering crafts for less than the material cost.

Get in and get going!

Supply reputation

The other group of items are the new waylaid shipments and supplies. These can drop anywhere and can be turned in for rep. If you complete the shipment by adding the required items you will get more rep, which significantly shortens the rep grind. There are item level 10 and 25 variants, where the higher item level one requires higher level materials or crafted items and drop from higher level mobs.

The items

Below is a full list of all the supplies in the game and the items required to complete them. All of these items should see sustained demand for most of phase 1. It also notes the quantity they are used in. Some of the items are also useful in their own right.








First Aid


Getting the money!

For these I suggest stocking any you have and posting in the quantity required for a single turn in (or slightly less). I do expect players will prefer to finish cheaper shipments, but they can’t choose what they get. As such all of them will see demand, and if you really want to speedfarm the rune you will want to complete every shipment you get. I have included a TSM setup with all the items separated by profession so you can easily restock and post them to the AH. Happy hunting!

TSM Import: 


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