Do this NOW to profit in Season of Discovery Phase 2

Phase 1 is out, and here are the most important things to do this phase!

Level to the cap

Obviously getting to max level is important. With the gradual cap increases it is a lot easier to get profession alts going. If you want to go deep on goldmaking, having every profession at max is a huge boon. I would suggest leveling multiple characters to 25, it’s also likely fun to play around with more runes!

Level the professions

Hand in hand with this comes leveling your profession. Get them to max as fast as possible. There are a LOT of goldmaking opportunities right now, and you should take advantage of them.

Get a war chest

Gold is gold. Nothing beats having cash on hand, both for things like skills, getting your mount and gearing up. There’s a ton of gold flowing in right now through level 25 XP to gold conversion, but that will eventually be tapped out. That being said I expect most players will have alts, and we’ll see more low level inflation.

Buy materials

You want to buy as many of the materials as possible for powerleveling your professions to 225 for the next  phase. I expect we will be hardstuck at 225 in the next phase, even if we could technically hit 300 at level 35. Not all the materials are going to be available, but being ready to go ham on any new waylaid supplies type markets will be huge!

Stock up on currently farmable materials with long term demand

Another thing we can do for the long haul is invest in materials with long term demand. Materials for potions that will remain high demand throughout the game such as invisibility potions, free action etc. will remain valuable for the majority of the duration of SoD. Some examples include Oily Blackmouth, Swiftthistle and Stranglekelp.

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