Mission table passive gold?

I got a question on discord about the Garrison from WoD and if it was worth it. I don’t think it is, but if you prefer the same type of goldmaking with a significant number of alts and some passive daily income, the mission table in Shadowlands is a good option.

Gold, materials, anima and rep

The mission table will get you gold, materials and the anima to sustain itself. Once you’ve set up an alt you can very quickly log in and out and do a session, as there is no movement or anything else needed. In addition to the gold and materials you can work on reputation, which might eventually get you some paragon chests for even more gold, and a chance at the other rewards.

The Setup

Zanzarful has a great video on how to set up your characters to quickly take advantage of the table. There are some tricks, that you do want to take advantage of as much as possible. Getting started on the right foot will definitely help you out.

Is it worth it?

Zanzarful is getting about 1700 gold per character per day in raw gold. This is based on a daily time expenditure of about about 7-8 minutes per character. This would equate to about 5 gold missions on average. In addition, there are material caches and augment runes to consider. In 9.2 the caches will include the new materials from Zereth Mortis, that are likely to be very expensive, particularly early on.

My verdict

This is not something I would personally bother with much, but if you are bored in the current content lull this is an easy way to add some extremely risk free income. There’s always a niche for risk free gold, and if you prefer this kind of gold making that relies on utilizing adds for easy income, then the mission table is actually quite good!

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