Mixology will make or break SoD Alchemy

With phase 3 in SoD we now have access to some profession specializations, including the alchemy specializations that increase your yields on average. Now that the initial launch hype is over margins are slimming and understanding the specializations effect is key.

Mixology or transmute?

There are two specializations in SoD Mixology, which affects all elixirs and potions and transmutation which affects transmutes. As of right now you can sell a LOT more elixirs and potions than anything else and I think Mixology is the only relevant choice. The effect of the mixology passive is that you get a chance to proc extra items when you craft, which works out to 30% more potions on average. This is MASSIVE and already means that you CANNOT make a profit without this passive on most servers.

Getting the passive

To get Mixology you need to be level 45 to get access to the specialization quests from Mixmaster Blix in Steamwheedle port. Leveling is fairly quick, so it should be within range for your alchemist, but you do have to do it. The quest requires you to turn in some fairly expensive potions, overall it cost me about 150 gold to get everything.

Getting correct profit numbers

The Mixology passive gives you on average 30% extra potions or elixirs per craft. TSM does not know this, so we need to make some changes to the alchemy group to fix it. First you will want to add all the alchemy crafts you care about to a group (or you can import mine at the bottom). Then you need to apply a crafting operation where you have changed the default craft value method. You only need to multiply the default string by 1.3 and you are good to go. Then for the auctioning operations you need to divide the minimum price by 1.3 as the cost of one craft will give you 1.3 potions on average.

Herb prices may be wrong

Herb prices are also changing quite rapidly, at least on my server. Even with the proc you will often have to buy herbs at lower than average prices and sell potions at higher than average prices to make a profit. If any herbs are wildly off you will need to change the TSM price manually under /tsm crafting → reports → materials.

TSM setup

Below is my current TSM setup which includes the mixology bonus. I don’t stock every possible consumable, so if there are others you consider worthwhile feel free to add them.


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