More than darkmoon decks? Cataclysm Inscription gold preview

Today we continue the previews for Cataclysm professions, focusing on Inscription.

Darkmoon decks are big

I already covered the darkmoon decks last week, and they are obviously huge. Today we will focus on the other recipes.


We get some new glyphs in Cataclysm, but no new research. The recipes mostly come from the old northrend inscription research, as well as from the profession vendors in Twilight Highlands.

Gear options

As far as crafted gear goes you get to craf relics for the classes that have a relic slot, which is Shamans, druids and Paladins and off-hands for casters. In both cases you can craft 3 different variants. Max level item level 346 gear, leveling gear and PvP entry level gear at item level 339.


The Runescroll of fortitude will allow you to get the stamina buff regardless of party composition. Overall I don’t expect it to have much demand, but it is interesting.

Various utility items

Mysterious Fortune card is a new card type that allows you to gamble. When you turn them over you get a vendorable card with variable value. Average value is around 2g20s for flipping them, so depending on ink prices this can be profitable, but most of the value is from getting the 5k card, so you need to flip thousands of cards to make it worth it. The adventurer’s journal is another consumable that provides an hour long random buff for leveling. They aren’t too strong, so I don’t see players heavily prioritizing them, but they will speed up leveling.

Dust of disappearance

Dust of disappearance is the new consumable needed to swap out glyphs. You can craft it from blackfallow inks or buy them from vendors.

Overall gold viability

Overall I think inscription is fairly good, mostly due to the combination of darkmoon decks and glyphs, both of which are quite strong categories of items. There’s a smattering of other items that will also be able to provide nice profits, but at lower sale rates to complement the big ones.

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