My current goldmaking routine

With the massive demand from launch r7 legendaries in the past, let’s look at what works for goldmaking right now, focusing on my personal routine.

My setup

I am currently doing goldmaking on 14 EU realms. On two of them I have max level characters and focus on Shadowlands crafting. I have two where I focus on old world materials, and the 10 others I primarily do battle pet flipping, with a smattering of other cosmetic flipping markets like mounts and Island expedition transmog.

Every day:

The only thing I make sure I do every day is repost my auctions on the two realms where I have SL crafting. If you don’t have your items for sale, then they obviously can’t sell. This is my #1 priority for goldmaking.

2-4 times a week:

These are the things I do when I have time, and which you could do every day if you really wanted to. I’m a slacker though, so it’s anywhere from 2-4 times a week.

Restock legendaries on both realms

I restock my legendaries on both realms. I can do this with a crafting operation, so it’s fairly quick, which means I have time to do this multiple times per week. It also means I can do smaller sessions, so I keep less stock at any given point, so when prices are trending down I don’t lose too much value.

Repost auctions across my other 12 realms (takes roughly 30-40 minutes)

I also repost all my expired auctions across my other 12 realms. This takes between 30 and 40 minutes usually. I could have done this every day, but I’m honestly just too lazy. I try to do it at least two times per week, and it’s usually two or three times a week.

Once a week

Restock Crafter’s mark gear

Crafter’s mark gear is a little time consuming to craft, as you have to play around with a lot of optional reagents. I don’t want to have too much stock and I want to do larger stocking sessions, to save time per item. I usually do this about once a week, perhaps even a little less than that. Depending on how diligently you repost you may want to restock more often, but this is where I’ve found the sweet spot currently.

Once every 2 months

Restock battle pets and restock old world materials

Once every 2-3 months I go on a little shopping spree on my flipping realms. That means buying materials on the two realms I do old world material flipping on, and buying battle pets on 2-3 of my battle pet realms.

My top current suggestion

If you want to get into gold right now the best market by a significant margin is Crafter’s mark gear, that’s why it’s high on my priority list, and I would strongly suggest getting into it.

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