My favorite Early expansion market is BOOMING in Cataclysm!

Cata is out and I spent 15 000 gold leveling blacksmithing. I’m not sure it was worth doing it at those material prices, but an old familiar market from Wrath is booming!

Entry level PvP gear is so good

Crafting professions in Cataclysm can craft item level 339 pvp BoE pieces. Now some of them will be used in leveling guides, and will thus have prices below material for now, but already that has started changing. There’s also some of the recipes that will require you to fully max out your profession, leading to much better margins.

Players are now hitting 85 rapidly, and even just the item level boost to get into heroics is very nice.

Every profession has these

Every profession has some of these recipes, and they are generally quite easy to obtain. You either get them from your trainer or from whatever relevant vendors you have.

Volatiles are volatile

Volatile elements are used in most of these recipes, and they have absolutely not stabilized in price. You will have to manage material prices manually to make sure you are gaining an actual profit. You do so under /tsm crafting as usual, and you should check these every day. You also want to camp the AH as much as reasonable to make sure you get the sales while prices are high.

Get moving

You can do this with almost every profession, so get whatever you have to 525 and start cranking!

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