Jewelcrafting is still a top goldmaking profession!

Today we’ll take a loot at a goldmaking stalwart in jewelcrafting and see how it plays in Cataclysm.

Dailies are back

Jewelcrafting dailies are back as the main method of obtaining recipes in Cataclysm. One significant change this time around however is the fact that there are no methods of getting tokens ooutside of the daily quest. There’s no necklace turn ins, and this means it is crucial to not miss any dailies, particularly early on.


There are two main ores to prospect in Cataclysm in Obsidium and Elementium. Obsidium is the lower level ore, with Elementium being the higher level ore. Originally in cataclysm uncommon gems vendored for an absolutely crazy amount, which lead to a situation where you could usually guarantee a profit before even considering the rares. Now we likely wont see a repeat of this, so I generally expect the elementium ore to be the ore of choice, as it has almost 3x as many rares per prospect as Obsidium.

Red is king?

I expect red is still the king of value with the various main stat gems. It is possible that certain specs value haste for break points or mastery in certain situations, but overall I expect red and it’s derivatives to be the most popular options.

Prioritizing recipes?

After the server consolidations we are pretty much all on mega servers, so most recipes will have competition early. Generally I would prioritizing getting one gem each for most colours to maximize the potential profits. As gearing guides get realized we will also get a clearer view of exactly which gems will have the most demand.

Gear crafts

There are also necklaces and ring recipes from the vendor. Once again they also require the JC tokens, with 5 tokens per recipe for these ones. Since you can only get one token per day the unlock timing is very slow.

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