My profession setup for dragonflight!

I badly misjudged how much time I had for Dragonflight. So in stead of continuing with profession guides we will look at how I am planning to set up my professions.


I haven’t actually looked in-depth at Engineering and Alchemy. I did a brief look at them before recording this though. Engineering has some potentially very powerful armor, but only engineers can equip it, which really hinders the market value. Alchemy can obviously be good, mostly so for phials and potion cauldrons.

Tier list?!

I won’t be ranking professions in a full list in this post. There are too many different potential builds, and still way too many unknowns. I’ll be sharing my plan, and why I believe in it. There’s every chance that I could be wrong, and there’s a high chance that I will change things as I go.

Generic nodes

On general strategy I’m strongly considering is to put the first 10-ish knowledge into the generic knowledge node. This is usually very efficient for skill, getting you a +skill bonus node, and it’s very flexible, allowing me to prioritize further points towards whatever turns out to be good, without being too locked into anything in particular.

Trends I’m waiting for

There’s one very big question I’m waiting for with launch, and that is the relative power level of the various embellished effects for armor. In particular if any “pre-embellished” effects are overly strong, but also if any particular optional reagent is the main one. This is one of the biggest factors for picking a specific armor slot to pour knowledge into.

Covering everything

I’ll be going into DF with one of each. I’m considering getting some duplicates, particularly for blacksmithing, leatherworking and jewelcrafting as all of these have very juicy different builds in markets I like. If it’s feasible to do more alts then I will add an extra BS/LW, specifically so I can cover both plate and weapons more easily as well as covering mail and leather with leatherworking.

My setup

Since profession racials are incredible this time around I have set my characters up to get as much value from them as possible while still having all 4 professions on four characters. BS/JC are the two main professions you absolutely want the bonus for, as it’s very strong. I’ve picked a goblin with alchemy over blood elf with enchanting, mostly due to the vendor bonus. I don’t actually expect to make too much gold with alchemy. Inscription fits my preferences better than enchanting, so I’m going nightborne for inscription on my inscription/enchanter. This is not the only setup, the only thing I consider “holy” is to get both BS and JC bonuses. You can also consider kul tiran for Leatherworkers for the generic +2, but I would rather have +5 on BS and JC.

General idea

For all of the gear professions I’ll be focusing on gear crafting, specifically targeting either embellished gear with strong effects or if optional reagent embellishments are stronger I’ll go for weapons and higher stat budget slots. I want to max out skill as fast as possible, which means getting all 4 crafters through to Valdrakken ASAP. I do have two accounts so I can level two characters at the same time with follows and tabbing back and forth.

For JC I have not decided yet, but most likely I’ll focus on the gear here as well. For Inscription i’ll focus on Darkmoon Deck Boxes unless they are very undertuned.

If I have more time after maxing knowledge on these four I may add duplicates, but the main priority is to stay on top of knowledge for these four.

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