Dragonflight Alchemy Gold making overview

Alchemy is different, but mostly still the same. 

Recipe types

Alchemy has been fairly streamlined in Dragonflight. There’s 3 main categories of recipes: potions, phials and alchemist stones. There are also some intermediate reagents and a optional reagent. Potions and phials are split by alchemical type, either Air or Frost, and will have different nodes in the knowledge tree. 

Phials and potion cauldrons

Dragonflight shakes up flasks and potions significantly. In stead of getting your flasks from cauldrons you get your potions from a cauldron. This will lead to slightly less potion demand, although many guilds already provided potions for their players. Phials replace flasks and are 30 minute duration consumables that last through death. You get more per craft to make up for the reduced duration. This will obviously change the market quite a bit, 


There are two trinkets available for alchemists. Both of them grant haste, and have a mainstat proc. They also have a bonus effect for your alchemy consumables, with the proc either extending the duration of your phial, or reducing the cooldown of your potion. 

The potion stone could be good in m+. Main-stat procs are generally quite good, and having potions for more packs could be strong, particularly if you combine it with embellished gear with increased potion duration. I don’t see anyone caring about the phial stone as it only makes phials slightly cheaper. 

Discoveries are back

In Dragonflight discoveries are back as a cooldown. A good portion of phial and potion recipes are locked behind the attendant discovery. You have a chance to get a breakthrough and learn a new recipe. In the knowledge trees you can unlock advanced experimentation, which yields better recipes, but the recipes are not clearly marked in game currently. 


There are two intermediate reagents you can craft, either combining herbs into Omnium Draconis or Awakened into Primal Convergent. On top of that you need to obtain Alchemical Solutions, which you get from breaking down potions or phials. Min-maxing your reagent crafting will be key to making any sort of gold here as you are competing with the entire region when selling on the AH. 

Optional reagents

Alchemists get a single optional reagent that will add an embellishment to armor or weapons that increases potion duration by 50%. If this stacks with itself it’s possible that two of this + the potion cooldown reducing trinket is actually very good. If that’s the case then I would be looking to max out q3 of the absorption inhibitor as it will sell very well. 

Knowledge break points

As you can see below getting to max quality for a lot of items is actually very hard, if not outright impossible. Unless I’ve missed something significant you need to rely on inspiration for max quality for both consumables and reagents. Inspiration will be the absolute king stat here, and you will want to get as much as possible of it, as it affects all your crafts. Multicraft+resourcefulness will also be important, to reduce your costs, and skill will allow you to use whatever quality material you want. 

Optimal knowledge points strategy

To me getting to experimentation early is very important. You want to unlock the good recipes, so you need to experiment. You could go all in on Phials or Potions, or unlock advanced experimentation for both and then continue leveling depending on what recipe you unlock. I think both potions and phials can be good, but Phials feel a little better to me, as potion cauldrons will be used in raids, which is the main use. Once you’ve unlocked advanced experimentation I would go all in on Alchemical theory, and then either get the base potion mastery node, or go into inspiration. 

Notable recipes

Most of the phials and potions come from experimentation. Outside of that the Ultimate Power potion, Ultimate Power Cauldron and Potion Absorption Inhibitor all drop from the raid and are tradeable on the AH, so keep an eye out for those. The alchemist stone comes from the Maruuk Centaur, and is the last non-experimentation recipe I personally care about. Mostly you are rolling the dice and hoping for some good recipes. 

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