My top 8 tips for making gold in Dragonflight

Today I’ll go through 8 tips to help you make gold in Dragonflight. So let’s dive in.

Sell shovels

Dragonflight has an incredible amount of interconnectedness between professions. If you’re looking for something to sell, go for “shovels”, items that are used in goldmaking. Examples include profession tool enchants, Sagacious incense, various intermediate materials and optional reagents.

Profession stat value

Generally Inspiration and Multicraft are the two best stats by a very significant margin. Multicraft blows resourcefulness out of the water, as it essentially saves you 100+% of the materials when it procs. Inspiration is the best stat for any item where you cannot reach quality 3 guaranteed.

Crafting orders and gear are conditionally good

Crafting orders and gear is good, but only if you are at the absolute bleeding edge of the curve in terms of knowledge. The first Elemental Lariat crafters made out like bandits, latecomers can expect a lot less. Soon you will need to be able to reach ilvl 418 to really be able to make gold with personal orders, and you have to farm trade chat quite a bit.

Profession tool enchants

Profession tool enchants are incredibly powerful. Get the quality 3 one always, inspiration for inspiration builds and resourcefulness for anything else. It will pay for itself over the course of this expansion.

Optimize renown

If you have alts take maximum advantage of the worthy ally buffs. Renown farming is very valuable due to the available profession knowledge starting at renown 14, as well as various recipes. Get your main to 10, then grind an alt that is starting from scratch to 20, by getting a huge amount of free rep from all your one-time sources. Then you get 200% extra below 10 and 100% all the way up to 20 on any further alts, as well as 100% extra on your main from 10->20.

CraftSim and SGT Craftcost

Due to all the profession changes these two addons are amazing. CraftSim will give you expected profit data taking all of your profession stats into account. If you don’t have it you might not realize you’re making a profit, like in this screenshot of my jewelcrafting window. It will show you everything you need to know to make better decisions.

The weekly cycle is stronger than ever

Due to the region wide AH for commodities the weekly demand cycle is stronger than ever. On the first reset after raids released we saw Glowing Titan Orbs used in the best weapon enchants explode from below 10k all the way up to 15k per. Awakened Order hit 1700 at the cheapest before spiking up to well above 3000 gold. Anything used in enchants and consumables will follow this pattern and it will be region wide. It’s more profitable than ever to stock up at the right time, so use to identify supply and demand timings that work out.

Inspiration builds

Inspiration builds have been the shining beacon of early goldmaking in Dragonflight. Right now certain +skill builds are also good, but for enchants, optional reagents, consumables and many other items inspiration is the name of the game. If it’s 400 skill or above you will likely never guarantee quality 3, so going all in on inspiration is the play. Combine it with Sagacious Incense consumable to maximize the value of your crafting sessions.

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  1. Hey there mate.

    Could you perhaps do a video on how to evaluate supply and demand on One of the things i’ve been trying to get to work for me for years are a search of daily average sold items to know where to focus on, especially with Craftsim of late. A pity the only variables are region wide, not server specific


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