Engineering might actually be a great goldmaking profession!

Engineering was not particularly high on my radar before Dragonflight, but there are some potentially very good builds out there for it, so let’s dive in.

I am not optimized

Before we dive in we have to cover that fact that my engineer is quite far from being optimized. I do not have the best build, and I am at least 40-50 knowledge behind what is possible at this point. As usual the best builds rely on inspiration for hitting the max quality break points on hard to craft recipes. Engineering has by far the weirdest overall knowledge tree, with a lot of unique effects nodes, tons of recipes and different ways of giving the same stats.

What are the good items

The best items you can craft with engineering is going to be the ammo, scopes as well as high end profession gear or gear if you like working trade chat. There’s also a bunch of unique optional reagents centered around the tinker mechanic that has some real potential.

The base build

Example build:

The main trick with enchanting is of course to get the inspiration node to max. It’s called Novelties and you can find it under Mechanical Mind. After that I would suggest going Function over Form. This will get you into Gears for Gear and utility, the nodes that unlock optional reagent recipes and scope and ammo recipes. You can also go Optimized Efficiency, but parts crafting is not particularly great. The main thing I would call out in this sub-tree is the Zapthrottle soul Inhaler at 20 points in Scrapper, which sells for a decent profit as players need that to craft certain epic items. The explosive tree is mostly useless as explosives are usually not popular in retail WoW.

Use CraftSim

Depending on your build there are a lot of potentially profitable recipes here, and the variety in builds is huge. I’d suggest using CraftSim to help figure out which stats are most valuable, as well as looking for which recipes provide the most value, so you can target those. The main trick is just to farm knowledge though.

The top recipes

Based on looking at recipes right now some of the best ones include the Gyroscopic Kaleidoscope, Critical Failure Prevention Unit, Endless Stack of Needles and the High Intensity Thermal Scanner.

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