Why you should never redeem Tokens for Game Time

You should not redeem your WoW tokens for game time. Even if you plan to pay for your subscription with them. If you turn them into battle.net balance you can pay for the game time with fewer tokens. You can almost get 7 months of game time for 6 tokens. Which is way better than 6 months for 6 tokens.

As we have covered earlier Blizzard recently introduced the option of turning your Tokens into either game time or battle.net balance. I think the change is very good as it encourages rich players to buy more tokens, which puts more gold into the hands of people who struggle making gold. I will dive into the possibility of making gold with server transfers down the road, as I establish myself on more realms. Today I will just be covering a very simple arbitrage possibility for those of you who buy game time with tokens.

Game Time discounts in the battle.net store

The reason you should never turn your tokens straight into game time is that you can buy Game Time from the battle.net shop with battle.net balance. You can’t pay for a recurring subscription, but you can buy one off game-time in various sizes. These sizes also have substantial discounts if you buy more game time at the same time. As we can see the EU price for 6 months is 66 Euros, and the US price is 78 USD.

EU Game time prices
US Game time Prices

Some math examples

Redeeming an EU token gives you 13 €. 6 tokens equals 78 €. You can then buy 6 months of game time and you will have 12 € worth of battle.net balance left over to use on whatever you want! I already did this so I got a free HotS hero in addition to my 6 months of game time for my main account.

On US servers you get 15 $ per token. So for 6 tokens you will get 90 $. If you then buy the 6 month package you will have 12 $ left over to spend on other stuff.

We also see that the one month prices are exactly the same as the balance you get from tokens. So there is never a point in redeeming your tokens for game time at this point, unless Blizzard changes something.


Playing on multiple servers

I am currently readying up bank alts on several servers to start taking true advantage of the new token. Just bought my first level 101 BoE epic on my second server, so hopefully it will start picking up steam. I will keep you up to date on my progress as I hopefully start generating some real sales!



6 thoughts on “Why you should never redeem Tokens for Game Time

    1. Subscriptions can’t be bought, but game time can. They are different products. I can guarantee that this works as I have personally done it.

      1. They could of course change it. It is very possible that this is the result of an oversight, but I doubt it. They are still making more money from Token purchases than they would from selling the subscriptions straight up.

  1. Just found your blog and all I want to say is: Incredible….your spreadsheet is great and that tips just open my eyes on a simple thing that save me real money!!! Thansk for sharing your knowledge with us.

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