Simple Gold Tips 3: Making gold with Hexweave Bags!

You can very easily make 560 gold per day  with Hexweave bags. In this post I will tell you everything you need to now to do it.  This ties into my posts about monetizing alts as this is yet another method that can be used to great effect with very little effort.

The Hexweave bags are still the largest bags in the game at 32 slots. This means that they are in very high demand. People will want at least 4 of these for every new character.

Getting started

Getting the optimal set up for hexweave bags is quite a bit more involved than my earlier simple gold tips. The recipe can be bought from the tailoring trainer in Stormshield or at the tailor in your Tailoring Emporium in your Warlords of Draenor Garrison. The recipe costs 5 Secrets Of Draenor Tailoring, which is a daily cooldown you learn from the tailoring scroll. The Hexweave bag requires 100 hexweave cloth and 10 Sorcerous Earth to craft.

Hexweave Cloth is Bind on Pickup and based on a daily cooldown spell. In addition the amount of cloth you get is based on your Tailoring skill. In addition to the cooldown you can get hexweave cloth from work orders at your Tailoring Emporium. The maximum yield per daily cooldown is 20 Hexweave cloth. You should aim to reach 700 skill as fast as possible to guarantee the maximum yield and maximum profits. The easiest way to level tailoring is At max yields for the daily cooldown the crafting cost of one bag is 100 Sumptuous Fur, 50 Gorgrond Flytrap and 10 Sorcerous Earth.

Maximizing the work order yield requires a lvl 100 follower with the tailoring trait. This will guarantee a yield of 4 cloth per workorder. This gives the crafting cost per bag as 125 Sumptuous Fur. The best way will probably be to use both, but it depends on your servers prices and the relative prices of Flytraps and Fur.

Price examples using US median Prices

Daily CD:

  • 100 Sumptuous Fur at 3.05g = 305g
  • 50 Gorgrond Flytrap at 1.11g = 55.5g
  • 10 Sorcerous Eartg at 5.11g = 51.1g
  • Crafting cost = 411.6g


Work orders:

  • 125 Sumptuous fur at 3.05g = 381.3g
  • 10 Sorcerous Earth at 5.11g  = 51.1g
  • Crafting cost = 432.4g


Hexweave bag prices:

  • Median price = 1296g
  • Mean Price = 1392g

The profit per bag is at least 900 gold.  This puts the value of the daily cooldown at about 180 gold, which is pretty good.

We make 6 work orders per day so that equals 24 Cloth. The daily value from work orders is approximately 225 gold.

You will be making 44 cloth per day so just over 3 bags per week at maximum output.

Total daily profit ~400 gold at current US prices! That’s 12 000 gold per month. 

For EU the math is even better and current Median prices give a total daily profit of about 560 gold, equalling 17 000 gold per month.

I’ve been using most of my bags for alts for a while, but you can see that my average price has been very good for the ones I have sold!

Setting up the Garrison for work orders

You unlock the Garrison by doing the introduction questline to Warlords of Draenor in your factions zone. To get it to level 2 you need to finish the starting zone up to the following quest (Horde version). To get the level 3 garrison you need to get to level 100. You will then have access to the quest to finish your rank 3 garrison which costs 5000 gold.

For a garrison optimized for Hexweave bags you need the following buildings:

  • Level two Lunarfall Inn/Frostwolf Tavern
  • Level three Tailoring Emporium

You can also gain some extra utility from a Trading Post and a Storehouse, but they will not impact the crafting cost of Hexweave bags. The Trading post will allow you to generate additional garrison resources and trade them in for Sumptuous Fur to get free materials. The Storehouse will allow you to queue more work orders so you don’t have to log in as often. If you want more info on the Garrison in general I suggest checking out the Garrison guide on icy veins. 

The level two Inn is only used to recruit a follower with the tailoring trait to improve your work order efficiency. You need the follower to hit level 100 for maximum yields. The simplest way to level it is to just assign it to your Tailoring Emporium and it will gain experience with every completed work order. This means you won’t have to bother with the mission table at all. Which is great news if you are like me and hate the garrison missions! Your efficiency will be slightly lower as it levels, but it pays off as there is literally no micro management of boring stuff.

That’s it!

For posting the bags on the Auction House you can find my TSM settings in my Pastebin. I post up to 10 bags at the time, and they sell really fast.

This can be done on as many alts as you want and is likely one of the best daily cooldown routines in the game. It does require some set up, but with my outline you should be up and running in short order. With 4 alts doing this daily you will be halfway to a token per month on the US servers. This is extremely simple gold and I strongly suggest taking advantage of it!

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2 thoughts on “Simple Gold Tips 3: Making gold with Hexweave Bags!

  1. You don’t need the Inn. Getting the Pleasurebot 8000 takes just a few minutes. Cheaper and faster than building the Inn, and you save a plot that can be used for a Barn or a Trading Post instead.

  2. You can also save a bunch of gold (pure profit) by farming your own sumptuous fur (100 pieces a day is easy, takes less than 30 minutes),, and having a Lvl 2 Herb garden with a follower assigned to it with Herbalism allows you to produce your own gorgrond flytrap, far more than you can use for bags.

    After following your advice, and then building my own Herb garden, mine, and Forge, with additional followers assigned to them, I am producing all the mats for bags that I can reasonably use.

    I only need to occasionally buy a stack of Sorcerous Earth, because it doesn’t really produce that quickly yet.

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