Obliterum from Enchanting: Massive profits possible

I recently discovered a great way to craft tons of obliterum fairly cheap.

Obliterum from Enchants

The binding enchants (The ones that require chaos crystals) can be obliterated for a large payoff. The table below  summarizes my results from obliterating enchants in terms of minimum max and average for the three types of enchants: Ring, Neck and Cloak. I have also included a column for the sample size:






















We see from this that the Ring enchants are by far the most attractive option as they cost the fewest amount of Chaos Crystals. Cloak enchants take Blood of Sargeras and are not particularily good for mass crafting.

Neck enchants cost 3 times as many crystals and about the same number of Leylights as the ring enchants. 10 leylights is equivalent to 30 arkhana. The biggest problem for me in terms of keeping up with production is to get enough cheap Arkhanas. I have recently gotten access to both rank 3 warhide bracers from Leatherworking and Rank 3 Silkweave bracers from Tailoring, both of which can be cheaply disenchanted. This takes a ton of time but cuts my price per Leylight Shard by about 30%.

I have updated my enchanting spreadsheet to include calculations for obliterum profits for all enchant types. I use the averages found here as to calculate the cost per obliterum.

Selling Obliterum



I have crafted about 160 Obliterum this weekend by using this method. For posting them I am currently experimenting between just posting them as singles or in stacks of 8 so someone can buy 1 stack and upgrade their item fully to item level 855. Testimony from r/woweconomy seems to indicate stacks of 8 might be preferable.

I have uploaded my obliterum group and operations to Pastebin here. Feel free to import them and play around with it. I am still trying to decide if i need a more elaborate set up, so far this simple version has been working very well for me.

This is definitely something I strongly suggest you should get on, the profits are currently very good. I currently make about 700-800 gold profit per obliterum at my server’s current Obliterum prices.



4 thoughts on “Obliterum from Enchanting: Massive profits possible

  1. So you mass craft to get the obliterum But how do you farm a good supply of chaos crystals? Amazing guides full of detail👍

    1. You can’t really farm it, so you have to buy them from the AH. This method is currently not the best way to craft obliterum. The argus epic gems are the best ones at the moment.

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