Combined Enchanting and Jewelcrafting spreadsheet

I just combined my Jewelcrafting and Enchanting spreadsheets into one spreadsheet with TSM API integration.


You can find the combined spreadsheet here: lazy-goldmakers-jcench-spreadsheet-tsm-api


For instructions about how to set up the spreadsheet go to my spreadsheet page here. This will be kept up to date with any changes in the spreadsheet I might make.


What have I been doing?

This week has been quite busy for me in my personal life, so not a lot of time to spend on WoW. I have however made about 500k profit. So I am getting richer.

I have sold a decent amount of all my sellers from last week: Enchants, BoEs, Vials and Epic gems. I have also made a killing on Obliterum from Enchants. My obliterum sales since wednesday alone are 300k. Obliterating ring enchants is crazy profitable, and I cannot get my hands on enough arkhana to keep on top of this.

I also bought a new second account this week using RAF. This cost me 5 Euros, but I can now pay for both my accounts with Tokens. Before this both of my Accounts were on the same and this would eventually trigger the max limit on Tokens (36 tokens per 24 months). I leveled my new bankalt to 10 so that I can get it reinstated if it gets compromised and set up all my addons again. This didn’t take too much time as most of it was good to go.

I will do a writeup on my dual account setup at some point if there’s interest in it. Some parts are definetly a bit tricky to setup, but it is fairly easy.

How was your week?

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