Off the beaten path: The jewelcrafting 111 rings

Today I will start a little mini series of posts where I focus on markets that are “off the beaten path”. We will be looking at niche markets with fairly low competition and see how you can profit from these kinds of markets! Today we will look at the required level 111 jewelcrafting rings. 

Why would anyone buy this?

This is the question you need to answer before entering any market. If you can’t make a compelling case for why anyone would buy the item in question then you will obviously not be generating any sales. 

So let’s look at the jewelcrafting rings. There are four variants with different secondary stats. They are all required level 111 and they all have sockets. 


This means that they are very useful for leveling. The socket is particularly important as it gets you a guaranteed socket for your 5% experience gem, which is huge. 

Choosing the right stats is also nice, and the rare procs are even better and as such very useful. 

Crafting them

Now that we have established that people will want them we gave to go craft them. You can craft them from 1 uncommon gem and 10 monelite ore. I would suggest just buying the gems unless you are already doing prospecting. If you are prospecting then you should be swimming in the uncommon gems so no issue then.

The monelite ore is also most easily obtained from the AH. 

As you can see from the screenshot below the rings are looking very profitable on my realm. The sale rate is fairly low though, so don’t expect to sell them quickly. 


Posting and results


I just post this with my generic crafting based operation. As you can see from the screenshot the sale rate is fairly good, with sales on a regular basis. I haven’t crafted any in a while though. This won’t make you rich alone, but it is a nice little extra market to add to your empire. 

You can find the settings in my full jewelcrafting group in my pastebin

Good luck!

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