TSM4 masterclass: Making a price source that incorporates item level

Today we will look at some ways to include the item level in an operation and when you may want to do that. We’ll look at a couple of possible use cases and some TSM implementations. 

When is this useful

Using item level to change your price is useful when you want to post items with different item levels using the same operations, but you want to treat the item levels differently. Obviously you could also solve this with separate groups and operations. 

I prefer to simplify my group structure as much as possible and use the same operations across items with similar characteristics in terms of auctioning amounts and auction lengths. 

Use cases

Let’s look at some potential specific cases. I’ll be looking at two main use cases in this post the BfA honorable combatant gear that could be item level 300 or proc to item level 310 and BoE flipping. 

Honorable Combatant gear

Honorable combatant gear could either be item level 300 or 310. Since this is crafted gear the minimum price should always be set to at least 120% crafting. I used that for both item levels, now if there are no item level 310 items on the AH and you have one, you want to post it for a higher normal price than the 300 gear. You can easily do that with an ifgt() condition. 

What I wanted was to post the 310 gear 20% higher than the 300 gear if I was the only one posting that specific variation. My basic normal price was 200%crafting, which is a great profit margin. 

The TSM string

To use one normal price string that would work for both item variations I set it to: 

200%crafting*ifgt(itemlevel, 301, 1.2,1)

The ifgt() part will compare the item level of the item being posted to 301, if it is higher than that then the entire formula gets multiplied by 1.2, otherwise it is just multiplied by 1. You could also do this by setting 1.2 to 240%crafting and the 1 to 200%crafting, but I prefer this way as it is easier to see that 200% crafting is the base normal price. 


BoE flipping

For BoEs you could implement a pricing formula based on a certain price per item level above 350. I know that people like Grahran used this back in Legion when he was doing large scale BoE flipping. This will give you a nice objective scale for your prices rather than relying on prices relative to the region market value, which is unstable, especially for rare variants. 

The TSM string

To do this I would make a base custom price source called BoEpricing and then use multiples of that in my operations. This makes the operation easier to read. The custom price source could be set to: 


This would set the price of 350 items to 10 000 gold. It would then increase by 10 000 gold per 5 item levels. This would set item level 400 items at 110 000 gold. If you wanted a lower price per item level for lower item levels, but to increase the price per item level for higher item levels you could add a second term like this: 


This would add an extra 2500 gold per item level above 400. I use an ifgt check to make sure it only tries to subtract 400 from the item level is the itemlevel is high enough. The graph below compares the two pricing formulas. 


To use this effectively you would probably have to establish separate formulas like this for separate items, or slots. You could then set the max shopping price to 70%boepricing and set the auctioning prices to 100%, 130% and 200% boepricing for minimum, normal and maximum prices. 


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