Old crafted mounts are still GREAT for gold!

It’s been years since I’ve been active in old expansion mounts, but I did a restock the other day on stream, and the profitability is definitely there.

Mounts are the premier cosmetics

Mounts are by far the most popular cosmetic items in WoW. More people collect mounts than any other cosmetic item type, and as such sales are usually much higher for mounts than other cosmetics. On top of this there are quite a few craftable mounts in the game now, and most of them are profitable, even if the profitability will vary a bit.

What’s the plan?

The plan is simply to get any easily obtainable mount recipes from old expansions, craft a couple of each and have them on a banker. Then you’ll repost them whenever you do post scans. Mounts don’t sell as quickly as max level gear or consumables, but they do sell consistently, and the profit is fairly good for most of these. You won’t always see huge profit margins, but you will typically see somewhere between 5 000 and 15 000 gold in profit per sale, which is very good.

Let’s look at some recipes

We’ll now do a quick rundown of recipes, where you can get them and what profession skill you need. I’ll also share my quick thoughts on each of these.

Pandaria jewelcrafting panthers

Skill required: 75 Pandaria Jewelcrafting

Recipe source: Order of the cloud serpents reputation

The panthers have historically been good, but the last couple of years the profit margin has typically been really tight. You may be able to save some gold by utilizing transmutation mastery to craft the required gems and living steel, but the bulk of the cost will be the orb of mystery.

Pandaria Engineering Rockets

Skill required: 75 Pandaria Engineering

Recipe source:  Engineering trainers

There are two rockets, Depleted Kyparium Rocket for Goblin engineers and the Geosynchronous World Spinner for gnomish engineers. Both require 3 Orbs of Mystery keeping the price high. The recipe is simply learned from the trainer once you have the appropriate specialization. I find the profit margin fairly low on these, but even then you are making 5-10000 gold per sale, so I still think they’re worth stocking.

Sky Golem

Skill required: 75 Pandaria Engineering

Recipe source: Random drop from Pandaria mobs (requires level 1 pandaria engineering).

The Sky Golem is very unique as it requires 30 Jard’s Peculiar energy source. This is a daily cooldown BoP material. As such you can at most craft 1 Sky Golem per 30 days per engineer. This helps keep the value high relative to the material cost. You can set up a crafter in a very short amount of time, so if you want to get some daily cooldown alts, it’s not too much work.

Vial of the Sands

Skill required: 75 Cataclysm Alchemy

Recipe source: Canopic jars (cataclysm Archeology)

This used to be one of the most profitable recipes in the game. These days you are looking at 10-15 000 gold profit. The recipe has an incredible amount of RNG to get and is probably the most annoying one in the game. You need to farm Tol’vir archeology fragments and get it from a canopic jar.

Xiwyllag ATV

Skill required: 160 BfA Engineering / Blacksmithing

Recipe source: K.U.J.O in Mechagon

This one is unique in that you combine an item from blacksmithing with one from engineering to craft the mount. Both recipes drop in Mechagon, and you will have to sit at the scrapper to generate the required expulsom. Prices are generally fairly low, but it is usually profitable to craft.


Skill required: 150 BfA Engineering

Recipe source: Zone Drop The Motherlode Dungeon

This mount requires a lot of BoP materials that engineers can salvage from mobs in the motherlode. With max level Dragonflight scaling it may be well worth it, but you will have to farm to craft this.

Steelbound Harness

Skill required: 100 Legion Blacksmithing

Recipe source: Drop from Tichondrius in The Nighthold

This mount is generally very profitable, but it’s mostly due to the necessary 50 Blood of Sargeras, which is still BoP. This is quite annoying to get. The best approach is to set up an order hall mission table on the crafter, and do any order resource and blood of sargeras missions you can. You can turn order resources into bloods, and you can use any bloods you get directly.

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