Tier 3 loot is back? 10.1.5 Gold Guide

10.1.5 is bringing back one of the most iconic unobtainable sets in the game, alongside a lot of other goodies from Classic Naxxramas, with a bunch of crafted items.

Demand Galore

This is an almost mythical set of items in the history of WoW and I expect demand will be VERY high when the recipes are released. Expect a lot of people to be buying these as soon as they become available!


The way the Tier 3 crafts works is that you need to find a Lamented Crusader’s Epic item. These are not bound, and can presumably be traded to other players freely. Then you need a crafted BoP consumable item, that will turn turn the Lamented piece into a Bind on account token for your class.

Finally you need to purify the token to turn it into the actual Tier 3 piece, which also requires materials.

The repair pieces

There are four repair items used on the lamented crusader pieces. As of now the recipes are listed with “discovery: Naxxramas” as the source. I’ve not played enough on PTR to even test where this may be, but we can assume it is in Naxxramas. There’s one recipe for each armor class, so tailors and blacksmiths get one, and there are two recipes for leatherworkers. The recipes all require Essence of Undeath and Dark Runes, as well ass one material related to the armor type. It also requires materials that drop from Naxxramas.

The screenshot below shows the recipes with all their materials required (Source: Wowhead).

More materials

In addition the purification requires Phylacterweave, which is a Bind on pickup material, that will most likely be obtianable from Naxxramas. The purification also requires 10 Righteous orbs, which drops from Stratholme in Classic.

Farmers rejoice

If you are a farmer, this will be the perfect time to take a trip back to classic. Any of the materials required, as well as the new wartorn scraps and frozen runes from Naxxramas will see a lot higher demand than “normal”. Prices on some of the materials have already gone up, and we can expect that once players get the recipes demand will be VERY high.

But what about crafting?

While we can’t make a profit crafting the Tier 3 gear, there are a TON of other recipes coming back to craft various items from the original Wrath that have been unobtainable since then. 10.1.5 adds 81 recipes, with most of them being epic items from Naxxramas. Getting your hands on these will potentially be very valuable. You unlock access to this by completing the Achievment Wards of the Dread Citadel. I expect we will see a similar situation to the ancient Zul’Gurub items that were added in 10.0.5 and that early demand will be very strong, so try to get the recipes early, and pay attention to which recipe is the most profitable one.

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