Patch 7.3 profession changes

Patch 7.3 is almost upon us and it brings a long a ton of changes. A new zone in Argus and a ton of profession changes including new materials, new crafts and other stuff. In this post I will go through the most important changes and my opinion on the new recipes and materials. For a detailed breakdown of all the profession changes you can check out the rundown on mmo-champion.

I did not do any preparation this time, and while I expect the patch to bring changes to loads of markets I don’t see it as predictable enough that I want to make any gambles. I expect obliterum and all old Legion mats to experience some price turmoil as people start farming Argus mats and primal obliterum makes it way onto the scene. I do not however think how the changes pan out is predictable, so I have stuck with not buying anything in preparation.

New materials

Primal Sargerite

This is the big one. It is a new material similar to Blood of Sargeras. It is obtained on Argus and it is Bind on Pickup (ugh!). Obviously I strongly dislike BoP crafting mats as they force you to do a specific activity to obtain them. They can be obtained through killing mobs with the Boon of the Lightbearer shoulder enchant or by transmuting 25 Blood of Sargeras. It is obvious that these will be vary rare and any Argus craft will likely command very high profit margins. Getting the shoulder enchant as fast as possible should be a priority for anyone who spends a decent amount of time out in the game world. They are needed for Primal obliterum which is needed to upgrade the new crafted gear to Item level 935. This will likely be very in demand and I expect the Primal Sargerite to be very valuable early.

New herbs, leather, cloth and ore

There’s new herbs and ore minable in Argus. Empyrium and Astral Glory. The new materials are used for the new Argus crafting recipe. If you are farmer go crazy farming them as demand will be very high. The ore is use for crafted gear upgradeable to item level 935 and it can be prospected for the new JC epic gems. The herb is used for the new potions and the new alchemist trinket and should also be in demand. You can skin mobs on Argus for Fiendish Leather which is used for crafting the new Leatherworking gear upgradeable to item level 935. Mobs in Argus will also drop a new cloth type used in the tailoring and LW recipes for the new gear upgradable to 935.

New recipes


Alchemy adds 2 new potions aimed at open world gameplay, specifically in the argus zone. It also adds new healing and mana potions and an upgraded alchemist stone trinket that can be upgraded to item level 935. I expect most of these crafts to have decent demand, but they will likely need some time for materials to dip in price, at least the open world potions. You also get the ability to transmute Blood of Sargeras to Primal Sargerite so if you have a lot of bloods on your Alchemist I suggest keeping them. The trinkets are limited by Primal Sargerite and the higher rank recipes are gated behind Argus rep. For the potions you will rely on work orders to get to rank 2 to get out of the Primal Sargerite requirement. I think alchemy gets some of the best changes as the trinket is likely going to be very desireable with the 935 ilvl tag. The potions will likely be good once you get to rank 2 and 3.


Blacksmithing gets a new plate chest recipe upgradeable to item level 935 and a fun item in the felslate anchor which pulls you to the bottom of the ocean. The chestplate recipe is gated by Argus rep and Primal Sargerite is required, but it should be a good seller. Get working on the quests and rep as soon as possible. I think both recipes should sell well.


Enchanting only gets the pitiful Chaos shatter that shatters a Chaos Crystal into 2 leylight shards. I honestly don’t expect this to change much at all. It could bring the price of Leylight shards up some, to reach parity, but I doubt it.


Engineering gets two new fun recipes. A wromhole Generator for Argus and the Gravitational Reduction slippers, a consumable that lets you jump higher in the Broken Isles and Argus. I think both will sell at a profit, but they do require Primal Sargerite. Supply will likely be limited early so get some Sargerite and the recipes fast if you want to profit.


Inscription gets to mass mill the new herb. It will also get some new glyphs and the vantus Rune for Antorus. All the new recipes rely on the same pigments as before. The new recipes will likely be profitable as before, especially if you can get them early. Being the first to market with a recipe will likely allow some great profits.


Jewelcrafting is one of the biggest winners. You get a new ore you can prospect, epic gems that do NOT require Primal Sargerite and head pieces that can be upgraded to item level 935 and that you can craft for every armor type. The rank 3 recipes for the headpieces only require one primal Sargerite as well, compared to 5 for the blacksmithing chestpiece. I expect jewelcrafting to do ridiculously well in 7.3. It’s definetly looking like a very clear winner from my point of view.


Leatherworking gets access to crafting shoulders that can be upgraded to item level 935. I expect both the mail and leather shoulders to sell well. They only require 2 primal Sargerite at max rank so I prefer Leatherworking over blacksmithing, but it is not at the level of jewelcrafting. I expect both recipes to be profitable.


With tailoring you get to craft a new set of pants upgradable to item level 935. The pants require 4 Primal Sargerite at rank 3. I rank Tailoring at about even to blacksmithing. The pants will be profitable, but being limited by primal sargerite will not be perfect, and no other recipes is a bit of a bummer.


I expect materials to be very expensive and Primal Sargerite particularily so. If you can farm them efficiently it will likely be very lucrative both for crafting the new recipes and for Primal Obliterum. I think we can expect some large changes to material prices as farmers and crafters both set their sights on the Argus recipes and materials. Jewelcrafting seems like the clear winner in terms of crafting professions, with tons of great new recipes. Either way I suggest working hard on your Argus rep and quests to unlock the new recipes as fast as possible. Happy hunting!

3 thoughts on “Patch 7.3 profession changes

  1. Do you have a take on the JC market, yet? Prices for cut gems are dropping to or even below the prices for the uncut gems. Do you think it might get better as the supply from the basilisk exploit runs low? Also, do you think its too soon to incorporate empyrium prospecting rates in your spreadsheet? I’ve seen some data from pretty large samples.

    1. I dont have a take yet, as I am on vacation. I expect that it will be variable for a while, but over time cuts should sell for slightly more than uncut gems. This has at least been the trend for all former expansions.

      I’ll add all the 7.3 recipes as soon as I get back. I’m back home again on Sunday and will hopefully get it done then.

      1. Thanks for responding so fast! Since I posted this prices dropped below the uncut gems for a lot. I’ve been a JC since BC and I just don’t remember it ever being quite this bad, JC has never really worked for me. Your spread sheet has been invaluable though and I look forward to your updates! Thanks for the hard work and I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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