Shuffling Obliterum through the Auction House

Obliterum is a great money maker throughout all of Legion. Most of us stick to one or two items that we craft and turn into Obliterum (for me it’s Ring Enchants mostly, with a side of Skullblasters). You can buy items directly from the Auction House and turn them into Obliterum however. There are so many items that can be turned into obliterum, and some of them are bound to be mispriced.

Recently I found an amazing spreadsheet for figuring out if you can buy items from the auction house and profitably turn them into Obliterum. It was made by TR4X gaming and you can check out his youtube channel here. The spreadsheet can be found here. It’s dead simple to use you just enter your desired Obliterum price or cost, and then it calculates the maximum price for a ton of different items.

The spreadsheet even contains a TSM string which is amazing as it contains all the items in the game that can be turned into Obliterum with the correct ash amounts.

Setting up and using the TSM group

You can find the TSM import string in the third tab of the spreadsheet. It contains a ton of items however. If you are selling a large number of these items on the auction house already you will have to be careful. I suggest unchecking the move already grouped items box. The other alternative is to just import it and then go through and re-apply the correct auctioning operations. It’s a bit of work, but it should be OK either way.

Not a lot of deals 🙁

The TSM string relies on a custom price named obliterum. The purpose of this is to set the percentage of obliterum price you want to set as your max cost. If you set it to 0.95 or 95% then you will break even up to 100% max price. I suggest setting it to 90% or below to ensure an OK profit margin. Otherwise I think it is not worth it.

Obliterating your items

Obliterating is a lot easier with the EasyObliterate Addon. It adds a new obliterum window with all of your available items below the obliterum forge UI. You just click the item you want to obliterate. If you click the auto select check box it will automatically add the next obliterable item, and you can just press obliterate. It’s particularily great when you have crafted gear. You can right click items you do not want to obliterate (potions and flasks you use for raiding for instance).

It also tracks your obliterum gain from all the items you have obliterated. You can see that the ancient Rejuvenation potions have given me an average of 1.5 ash per.

You can find it on curse here.

Patch 7.3

Obliterum prices have been decreasing so far in 7.3. Eventually they will drag materials down with it or the prices will start rising. Currently there is very little Argus crafted gear available so no one can really use their Primal Obliterum. As crafted gear gets cheaper and more abundant I expect obliterum to come back to a good profit margin. Either way this tool is amazing.

12 thoughts on “Shuffling Obliterum through the Auction House

  1. I don’t know and/or understand how to create the custom price for obliterum, can you show me in how to do it?

    1. just create custom price, give name “obliterum” and enter there the percentage that interests you. BunnyCuddle recommends 90% that is, enter there 0.90, easy.

      1. Seeing everyone’s comments about how simple/easy it is makes me wonder if I have a different TSM :S

        I go TSM Features > Custom Price Sources and add a new one called “obliterum”. Then I try enter 90% or 0.90 and I get the “Invalid custom price” error 🙁

  2. I’m trying to get the custom price source setup but the instructions in the spreadsheet and in all the comments I’ve searched are frustratingly vague. Everyone just keeps saying “create a custom price source called obliterum and set it to 1”.

    After some trial and error I realized that when people say “custom price source” they’re not referring to the custom price sources that you can create under TSM Features -> Custom Price Sources. They’re referring to the custom prices you can create for individual items in under Crafting -> Materials.

    The problem I’m having now is that when I go to Crafting -> Materials, obliterum doesn’t show up, and I can’t find a way to add it. From what I understand the Crafting -> Materials tab only shows materials that can be used in your professions. If that’s the case then how can I add obliterum into the materials tab when it’s not used in any professions?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. They are talking about the TSM Featured -> Custom Price Sources feature. Name it obliterum, and set it to whatever percebtage you want to set as your max price.

      I linked to my Jewelcrafting guide part, it contains instructions on how to setup a custom price if you want some help.

      1. Ah, okay. Thank you!

        So I might be overthinking this but what formula should I enter for the custom price? If I enter “.90” it defaults to .90c, which is 90% of 1 copper. That doesn’t seem right to me.

  3. I’ve been trying to get this to work for about an hour – Could you put the formula here so I can try and figure out why its not working?

    Keeping get 0% of % max price when I do a search

    1. Which formula are you looking for? For the obliterum custom price I just use 90%, the rest of the formulas are already set in the operations

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